My Husband Hates Baby Dancing and He Stole My Travel Mug

He does and he did. We were lucky enough not to have to do the former to get pregnant and are hopeful that it’ll stay that way in the future. No counting, no temperature taking, and no planning necessary. As a fertile couple, it’s easy to bemoan that stuff as rote and unromantic. Just a bit of wine and a good meal to quickly leave behind celebrities and Soviets. In the past, I even expressed the sentiments of the much-loathed Starbucks Cup #208. But my own apparent shortage of “sticky baby dust” (that’s the last time I’ll write those words) has changed me. So while I’m also not a fan of “bd-ing,” I’ll just be grateful that I don’t need to be utilitarian about it all until after conception.

Perhaps I deserved to lose the coffee mug that I purchased yesterday for way too much money in the hopes of saving the earth and, eventually, money at the coffee shop where I spend my writing days. I did stay in bed until 1pm while he left the house to work many hours earlier. But in fairness, I wasn’t being lazy. I woke up with a pounding headache, stuffy nose, and a sore throat. I was excited, though, when I did eventually get out of bed after the Tylenol Cold took effect, that I could buy a brand new coffee for refill price. Now especially after finding a friend here at the coffee shop willing to listen to me babble on about family, rabbis, alcohol and the state of my State I feel much better.

I’m going to end this brief, rambling post by ripping off Niobe’s blog:

Things I feel strongly about but won’t post about:

1) Baby dancing

2) My husband

3) Drunken undergraduates

4) Israel

5) Dog clothing

Things I feel strongly about and might post about

1) Pregnancy

2) Marriage

3) Lazy undergraduates

4) Religion

5) Mammals as accessories


4 responses to “My Husband Hates Baby Dancing and He Stole My Travel Mug

  1. I followed your link about the Starbucks cup – I’m stunned that the company would do that! The link made for absolutely fascinating reading – stuff I’ve never thought about. Thanks for linking to it. I want to comment, but feel as though it would be inappropriate if I did.

    What is baby dancing?

  2. I have to admit that I envy the romantic life you and Josh have. David and I may never have kids, simply because we never seem to be in bed at the same time!

  3. Thank you for again linking to me, I’m feeling flattered.

    And yes, Baby-dancing is an odd way of describing sex, isn’t it? What is the big deal about it? *Sigh*

  4. I wish the term ‘baby dancing’ would just die already. What a horrible phrase. That and ‘sticky baby dust’ is just the creepiest, ickiest, sappiest way to talk about trying to conceive.

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