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So, I still can’t find the exact article that I read, but I did find abstract references (as in “In some studies, hospitalisation for bed rest led to an increase in preterm birth” — why can’t they cite the freaking studies?). These two sites refer specifically to bed rest in the hospital; not at home. The study I read referred generally to bed rest.

The first article is “Preterm labour and prematurity,” by Parland, Jones, and Taylor in the October 2004 issue of Current Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I can’t link to it directly because I gained access through my university library account.

This is the layperson’s version:

The evidence seems to be extremely contradictory and the studies I found today usually ended with “more research needed.” I need to stop looking, though, because it’s very depressing. I wish I could find it, because actually I’d like to show it to my doctor. None of what I’ve been reading describes the circumstances around Natan’s birth at all. I guess that’s why it’s something of a crapshoot.


In my post yesterday, I referred to a study I read which said bed rest may actually aggravate pre-term labor. I should have first, remembered that women on bed rest (or might be eventually) are reading this blog, and thus, second, cited the study. But I read it a few weeks back, probably following a link from a link, and didn’t take note of its source. It was in an online medical journal.

I remember it said, specifically, that lack of activity may hinder a pregnant body’s ability to handle the increasing amount of blood. Does anyone out there have any ideas about where I might have read it? I’m going to keep looking, but thought you all might have some clue.

Thanks. And I promise never ever to write scary information again with citation.


7 responses to “Information – Updated

  1. The only thing I have ever read is that there are no definitive studies that actually show bedrest works. The one potentially harmful aspect I read is that it could lead to a blod clot, which can happen to anyone who is inactive for long periods of time.

    I will see if I can find cites to confirm the above. I think there is actually a whole book out there that addresses the bedrest debate. I’ll see if I can find that too.

  2. Sara..can you go into the history your computer keeps of sites you have visited to find the article you ready?? Depending on how your internet explorer is setup, it can keep a running history of websites for weeks. I have not looked for any research in this area but may try later. Good luck!

  3. Ah, would that I could do that. I have it set up so my history deletes every time I restart Mozilla…

  4. Here is a link to a short abstract that does say there is “little evidence” to support that bedrest does anything to prevent preterm labor.

    I agree though that anecdotal evidence does seem to suggest otherwise. Once again, who knows??

  5. Every study I have read about bedrest is inconclusive, and refers to blood clot formation as the risk, as you have all pointed out, but my issue with that, is that the real problem then is that the person may have genetic clotting factors that would have been a problem upright or lying down.

    Same for cerclages, I’ve read they work and are a miracle, and other studies saying they don’t do anything.

    Progesterone shots are the only thing I’ve seen with really good EBM behind them. But they aren’t necessarily what helps for everybody.

    The problem is that we don’t have enough really good studies on pregnancy. And not everyone has had a good pathology study done on previous pregnancies. So, the medical profession has turned us all into one big live experiment. Gahh…

  6. According to the Docs who I’ve spoken to about bedrest, btw, part of the theory is that it is supposed to reduce stress in the mother.

    But quite often it causes stress, because employers may not understand, families may not be able to help at home, and depression and anxiety may make it worse than if the woman had some distraction.

    Some of the Docs I know try to work on the theory of reducing those outside stressors that may make conditions worse, as opposed to making the woman just lie down. Again, another unproven theory, but anecdotally, I’d love to know how many of the women on bedrest are actually MORE stressed as opposed to less.

  7. I have also read that bedrest does not necessarily delay the onset of labor but it does lead to higher birthweight babies? I also remember reading something about that book about bedrest when it came out. Of course i have no citations, because i suck.

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