Motivation, pt. 2 (or maybe 3)

Seeing as it is almost 1pm and I have still achieved nothing as far as work goes today, evidently I need a new system of motivation. Is anyone out there willing to give me a dollar a page?

Probably not. I’ll have to try something else. My favorite system allows me to check blogs and email and other online stuff for one hour, right after I work out in the morning, and then get to work. Prior to that, I tried 4 hours of work after working out, and then online leisure. Each of those system worked for about one day. Today I tried working out, reading online stuff, 2 hours of work, blogging, 2 hours of work. But the the chapter I’m writing still has not seen a single new word, or even much in the way of revisions, in the past week and a half.

Apparently, I can quite successfully sit here for 4 hours NOT looking on the internet and still not produce anything. But I’m still rewarding myself for that time.

My new system, starting tomorrow: I will not write a word on email or this blog, read a blog, OR comment on a blog until I have five new pages in my chapter, or have revised existing pages to the point that I can turn them in. Clearly I need punitive motivation.

And I am only boring you all with this banal post because maybe if I publish it, I’ll stick to it.

4 responses to “Motivation, pt. 2 (or maybe 3)

  1. Wow, you’re moving from wage labor to piece-work, essentially going backward in time in terms of labor exploitation practices.

  2. I’m impressed! But I think you should add chocolate to your reward. Chocolate goes well with a nice hour of puddling around on the internet.


    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Good luck in your new plan.

    Ironically, I’ve become much more productive, because every minute I spend working is one minute less that I have to think about Bad Things.

    I’d be fascinated to hear (even in the most general terms) what your chapter’s about. But that probably would be compromising your anonymity too much. Oh, well.

  4. You are sooo addicted Sara lol..Good luck on your new plan!

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