Unpredictably Predictable

That’s what Leroy called me (or my post) in the comments a few days back. I’ve been puzzling over what that means. I thought at first, dependable. Like the friend who always shows up, the employee who always works hard, and the student who always gets it done. But how would anyone in blogland know that’s me? And the online persona called Leroy seems friendly enough, so he would probably have kept any thought that I’m boring to himself.

As I walked to campus today to hide out in the library (too many business deals going on in my coffee shop these days — must be the weather), I wound my way around a few streets I don’t normally walk down. I saw a closed shop with a sign in the window, “Hurry! Last days Jan 1 – 3!” I thought, wow, how did they know? No, I don’t really believe the world works in a way that I could have seen that sign as a portent. For lots of people those days were the first days.

I have a good post planned for tomorrow. A Real. Original.

4 responses to “Unpredictably Predictable

  1. Isn’t every post an original? I bet it is….and yes, that sign is darned interesting isn’t it?

    Last days and first days can be the same day…hard but true!

  2. I am already on pins and needles!

    Just yesterday I came across a picture book that was dedicated to the author’s child and it gave the birthdate. The birthdate was the same date and year as my twins. I had such an immediate sense of amazement and wistfully said to myself, “wow… for someone else, that was a really happy day.”

  3. That sign–really? I hadn’t put it together–the day of your son’s birth. My friend was killed early on January 4th. And my staffer’s son was born later that same day.

    Oh, I have chills now, and I don’t usually react that way to coincidences.

  4. “Unperdictably perdictable” is a term I used to refer to people who can be/are adventureous. Yes, they can be dependable, hard working and get things done…that is the perdictable part. The unperdictable part is how they do it. From reading your blog, I get the sense that you either do or want to do things with a “flare”.

    I do not consider you boring at all. On the contrary, I see everything you do as trying to avoid bordem. Thats partly what makes the dissertation so hard to accomplish at times. But I know you will get it done (the perdictablity is there). I just think you need some spontaneous diversions from time to time.

    Look forward to your post tomorrow!

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