I need a pick me up

Because I just learned my favorite neighborhood cat died, after getting hit by a car.

Fanny Kemble and rainbows are always good for that.

From “Mrs. Ritchie’s” “Memoir” in the Atlantic Monthly (July 1893)
“In those days Mrs. Kemble had certain dresses which she wore in rotation whatever the occasion might be. If the black gown chanced to fall upon a gala day she wore it, if the pale silk gown fell upon a working day she wore it; and I can still hear an American girl exclaiming with dismay as the delicate folds of a white silk embroidered with flowers went sweeping over the anemones in the Pamphili Gardens.”

In her honor I will wear jeans to this afternoon’s reception because that is what I put on this morning. I need to work on my image as an eccentric.


One response to “I need a pick me up

  1. I find that donning workout/yoga-type wear every single day does a good job of cementing your image. I don’t think anyone thinks of me as a workout fanatic- just lazy.

    Wear the jeans. Have any good boots? Always handy to wear boots. They make a statement, and you are ready to kick someone if the need arises.

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