You know what’s vulgar*

A woman scrutinizing toilet paper just because her period (according to the before schedule at least who knows now) is due tomorrow. Totally disgusting but I cannot control myself.

*According to def. #13 in the OED. I have an obsession with looking up words, for which I already know the definition, before I write them. Just in case I might learn a new way to use them.


4 responses to “You know what’s vulgar*

  1. is it vulgar…or is it normal? mine is coming and i might bring a magnifying glass in there with me!

  2. Well, one definition of vulgar is normal, so I guess it’s both.

  3. I didn’t realize it wasn’t normal to check the toilet paper until some fertility-signs book I read said something about “getting into” the habit of doing it.

  4. Ha haha. That’s great Shelia. I needed no help with “getting into” that habit.

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