Day of Rest

Why even on my day of rest can I feel like I’m not accomplishing enough? How can I fail at doing nothing?


4 responses to “Day of Rest

  1. Oh Sara…. please rest.

    You ask a lot of yourself. Do something today that will truly indulge your spirit. And I have my doubts that means laundry.

    Take care.

  2. LeRoy Dissing

    Sara…resting doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing. It usually means doing something that helps you recooperate or is restorative. I do hope that you have a joyful rest day today!

  3. Thanks Leroy and Lori, No housework was planned – I just didn’t have time to fit in all the “leisure” activities I wanted….I constantly overplan

  4. I “fail” at doing nothing all the time. It’s as though I feel I have to overachieve at everything. You should be less hard on yourself (I know, easy for me to say).

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