Absolutely No Information

Ugh. They wouldn’t tell me anything. I knew that was a possibility but I’ve never had a tech refuse to tell me absolutely anything at all. I asked, “You can’t even tell me if the pregnancy is in my uterus.” She very coldly answered, “No.” We tried to argue but she even said, “We don’t even have a doctor here to read it [in the ultrasound clinic]. We send it to the hospital to be read.” Well I know that’s not true, unless things have changed for the worse, because I was in there in November and there was someone who read it on site. What’s the point though?

I put a call in to the doctor who won’t be my doctor for much longer, and have been assured in two phone calls that Dr. M has asked them to put a rush on it and I will hear as soon as they have the results.

Yes I’m annoyed. What makes me the angriest though is that it seems the more abnormal and high risk I get, the less willing anyone in this health system is to help me. That’s not totally fair, a receptionist at the student health services of all places, somewhere I have never considered as a place to get good care, was very helpful in getting my referral moved on more quickly.

But, to end this post on a hopeful note we’re both pretty sure we saw that the baby is in my uterus and although I had a bad angle of vision, Josh thinks he might have seen a flicker. So for the moment we’ll go with a living baby in a uterus. More tomorrow.

Thanks for all your supportive comments and for updating your blogs to distract me this morning/afternoon.


13 responses to “Absolutely No Information

  1. I’m going with “no” news is good news. Sounds like the incompetence is continuing… I can’t wait for you to be at the other practice!

  2. I cannot imagine having an u/s and her refusing to even tell you whether it’s ectopic or not!
    I’m sorry you’re going through this additional crap you just don’t need!

  3. I had the same problem with my u/s tech. She was utterly silent when it came to reading the u/s. I relied on my husband’s inexperienced eye to figure out whether there was a heartbeat or not. Why in the world would you do that kind of work and have no sensitivity about your patients. I have a giant bat at the ready, just say the word.

  4. This is like a perverse game of “let’s mess with Sara’s mind.” Gees! I am very glad you won’t be with these idiots for much longer.

    I am going to believe your eyes on this one too. Do you know the NBBHY meme? A while ago there was a great blogger (getupgrrl) who started it. It means nothing bad has happened yet. I plan on adopting it if/when I am pregnant again. Feel free to use it if you like it :).

  5. Thanks all.

    Rosepetal, The situation of an ectopic crossed my mind as well. The tech told me it could be 2-3 days before I heard anything! That better not be true. I would think it would be pretty horrible to let a woman walk around with an ectopic pregnancy for 2-3 days while various people and machines pass your report around.

    Nicole, I’ll reserve the use of the bat until I’ve gotten the information I want out of people!

    Julia, Thanks for the meme. I hope our eyes were right….

  6. It sounds like your soon-to-be-ex- doctor’s practice leaves something to be desired. Like you, I just can’t believe that they don’t have a doctor in the ultrasound clinic.

    But, even if it’s not conclusive, your news sounds good. Especially since I assume if there had been some kind of problem that they would be a lot quicker in getting back to you.

  7. I’m going to concur with the no news is good news. At least, that is the mindset I prefer to adopt. I am so hopeful for you, and can’t wait for you to get some actual information.

    I wish I could have been there. After all my years of fertility u/s and four pregnancies, I am actually very good at spotting the important stuff on an u/s. Do you have any nurse friends or someone you could take to future u/s who could interpret for you?

  8. I’m thinking/hoping that if something had been wrong I’d have heard too.

    Lori, Thanks. I’m hopeful for us, too, although it’s disturbing to think that the tech knew (and of course she does even if she’s not a “doctor”) generally whether all was okay. I think had I had a better angle, I could have been more sure. I guess I should have asked her to turn the screen but honestly she was pushing so hard on my bladder at first and then my bowels that I forgot to think of it.

  9. That is unbelievable…well, no, it’s very very believable but oh my GOD is it annoying. You should come over to MY doctor…but that would be rather a hike!

    I hope you get the report soon soon soon!

  10. I echo what has been said already…

    It sounds like you for sure made the right decision to switch doctors.

    There is one u/s tech that, if I find myself having to go back to that same place ever again, I will absolutely refuse to go near.

    I am a kind and gentle woman, but I wish I could find that tech you saw and smack her around.

  11. How horrible of the office to not have someone reading the ultrasound when you have it done – especially when they’re dealing with a high risk pregnancy. I’m hopeful that no news is good news…And hope to hear that good news from you soon.

  12. Sara, if it’s any consolation, my doc told me that if it was ectopic, there would be lots of pain and bleeding. Because I had the same concerns. So, let’s hope for the best.

    When I first went in to the hospital, the nurses couldn’t find Elijah’s heartbeat with the doppler thing. So, they ordered an ultrasound. My BP was so high that I couldn’t be moved, so the ultrasound had to come to me. Hours (!) later, when she did arrive, she was very perky and was excited to show me images of my baby. I told her I just wanted to hear the heartbeat, to make sure the baby was okay. After a minute, she became silent, her face changed, she turned the screen away from me, and didn’t say another word. She kept moving the ultrasound thingy around on my belly and holding it in one place for a long time. I knew, but didn’t want to know. She had messed up by being so cheerful and blasse, and couldn’t be the one to tell me the news. I felt bad for her too. She was trying to be friendly.

    But when everything is fine, they should at least say something. It can drive a person crazy. Keep us updated.

  13. Thanks Mary – that’s exactly why it scared me! Because I’d been in that very same room months before and been told quite a lot, encouraged to see how he was sucking his thumb, waving, etc.. So, I thought, what’s different here? Besides that this was a 5.5 week, rather than an 18 week fetus.

    I’m so sad for us.

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