Wow. Yum.

I swear I’m not becoming a secret corporate blogger, but this afternoon I was horribly craving a Tofutti Cutie. There weren’t any at the store, so instead I got Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream (Ben & Jerry’s). Now, I don’t like ice cream, and I don’t like chocolate. But having seen him eat so much of it on his show, the ironic marketing got to me. And believe me, it is good. Really good. Despite the fudge covered waffle cone chunks, the thought of which, craving passed, is now making me feel gross. Ugh.


6 responses to “Wow. Yum.

  1. Chocolate craving can be linked to inner ear development in the fetus. Maybe your craving is a sign that your baby is growing well?

  2. I looove tofutti cuties. Mmm…maybe a trip to the supermarket is in my near future.

  3. Hey Sara- You don’t have an email button so I just thought I would stick this in here. I was over at the BabyLoss directory and decided to just quick link pop over to you, and the link they have there doesn’t work. It takes you to some weird Bible site of all things. At least it did for me. Anyway, you might want to check it out and see if you can get that fixed. I would hate for people to miss out on finding you!

  4. Lori, Oh, wow. Thanks for telling me. Thanks for telling me as well that I don’t have an email button – I hadn’t looked closely enough and that there was an easy way to email me from here.

  5. Yea, Tufutti’s great. It’s both vegan and parve, and better than ice cream for sure. (I guess that’s redundant by putting vegan first) Anyway, I actually think the chocolate cuties are not very good. My absolute favorite is Better Pecan. But you can’t get that in the cutie, just the pint. I also have to agree, because I’m not vegan, that Americone Dream is really great too. But it’s not about the chocolate, which is very tasteful in its modest presence – it’s really about the complete novelty of putting pieces of cone inside the ice cream. Which makes sense to me, because I never get my ice cream in a cone as I never want to eat that much cone. Here, you get just enough of that cone taste, while maintaining the dignity of eating out of a bowl, with a spoon.

    That’s crazy about the link. Maybe the directory was hacked by some nut who read your post disagreeing with birth certificates for aborted fetuses.

  6. Nope, no hacking, just a smart person at the bible site who directs anyone who switches the p & s in “blogspot” to their site. And it was my typo in the first place.

    I’m not sure everything that is vegan is parve, since parve refers to food, and vegan, to many, includes clothing choices and eating canvas shoes might be considered “loathsome,” and against social norms, and thus traif. But I’m not sure how/if any rabbis have ruled on it. I’m also kidding, not nitpicking at your language.

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