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Old Topic

Way back here, I commented on a book I used to like, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. I got a new comment on it last night, from Mai, who has a very cool blog about books, and grad school, and elementary school book fairs. Seems I missed the part in the Northrup’s book where she also tells us that we give birth prematurely because we don’t like being pregnant and don’t like gaining weight. I don’t need to tell you all what I exclaimed when I read that! *%*$*$*!

Mai, I’m glad you threw the book away and realize she’s full of [more words I don’t want to write in public].


From my Window

This squirrel really likes his bird food.

Amazing Nose

The discerning smell pregnancy brings is amazing. Unfortunately right now, it’s the scent of my neighbor smoking on his porch that is affecting me. I can’t exactly ask him to stop, however, because he’s in his yard and he’s really what ought to be a sufficient distance away from me.

Woah – Watch out for Connecticut

Connecticut Becomes the Fifth State to Support Armenian Genocide

Okay, perhaps we’re being completely irreverent here, but my husband and I couldn’t help but laugh wondering who cleared that headline for publication!

Rational thoughts

I am annoyed when the counter woman at the corner coffee-shop calls me “miss” three times during one transaction. As in, “Can I help you, miss?” “You have $3.80 left on your gift card, miss,” and “Here’s your decaf early gray, miss.” Yes, I know it might be a regional thing. Yes, I know I look younger than I am. And yes I know I have bigger things to worry about. But I just cannot stand it. I’ve never liked it, but I noticed in the fall that at a certain point, when I got to a certain size, it became “ma’am.” So, now that I’m back to “miss,” I wonder what on earth she is thinking. Nothing at all, apparently. Why the hell do I come here?

Whenever I get a new prescription, I worry that the pharmacist messed up and that I’m actually getting a prescription that will cause a miscarriage or birth defects.

I am worried that my pregnancy fogged brain will make me forget some key piece of information in preparation for my cerclage so I’m thinking I’ll call the doctor’s office this week just to make sure I really know what’s going on, and will write it down.

I’m no longer scared of ghosts or cemeteries after dark.

Rereading the Anne of Green Gables series now, after learning that one of L. M. Montgomery’s sons died at birth, has been very cathartic. Much more so than books explicitly about loss.

Last night

I could hardly sleep because in thinking about how confident I feel about this pregnancy, I couldn’t stop wondering if Natan would have had a better chance with a different doctor.


Okay, so somehow even though I wrote down June 8th for the cerclage, I have been thinking June 6th ever since. It’s Friday June 8th, at 8am. I’m glad it’s first thing in the morning. But it’s two weeks from tomorrow morning, not yesterday.

Baby looked good on the ultrasound. Couldn’t hear the heartbeat with the doppler, but I didn’t get too nervous about that. She brought in the ultrasound quickly and the heartbeat looked good there. He or she measures 11w 1d plus or minus 4 days. My dates put me at 1ow 5d, so there’s no real difference.

For some reason I feel really confident right now – I’m a little scared because a cerclage is not risk-free. I have no regrets that I’m getting it, even though I feel like the progesterone shots are more important. But I’m certainly not willing to risk anything on my hunch.