Good day

Well, I won’t be mourning this birthday with a bottle of O’Mara’s Irish Cream (my favourite liquor).

Today’s ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat and a baby measuring spot on with my dates.

The doctors read through my charts and agreed that based on what was in there, they can’t know for certain whether it was an incompetent cervix or preterm labor. So we’ll be doing a cerclage and progesterone starting at 16 weeks. Who on earth would ever think that a woman who used to get nauseas and faint at the very sight of a needle would be overjoyed that she’s getting an extra spinal and weekly or twice weekly injections for 20 weeks? And Dr. K. told me that the practice is right now treating 2 other women in very similar situations (who’d also changed practices with this pregnancy), so I’m definitely not a strange case for them.

The practice has seen lots of success with progesterone and although it’s possible, Dr. K. has never faced a complication from a cerclage she’s performed. Very comforting! She also changed my prenatals to ones with more B6 to help with being sick.

I’m just taking it day by day, as you’ve all suggested. And this day was good.


8 responses to “Good day

  1. What wonderful news! happy birthday!

  2. You’re definitely in the right place now!

  3. I thought you said today for the doctor’s appointment, and kept checking throughout the day. Sounds like a good day indeed.
    Happy birthday tomorrow!

  4. Now that’s a good birthday present!

    I have personally known several women who had cerclages, and all with great success.

    I am so happy you have a doctor who can help alleviate some of your fears.

  5. Excellent news! She sounds like a great Doc, very very nice. Did you get a picture of the little ball of energy?

  6. Happy Birthday Sara!

    I’m so happy to hear that you got such great news at the doctor’s appointment. It must have been so wonderful to see the heart beating away:)

  7. LeRoy Dissing

    Happy Birthday Sara! I am glad you had a good day and hope that you have smooth sailing for the rest of your pregnancy.

  8. Yay!!! And happy birthday 🙂

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