Ow, I can’t believe I’m posting about this

The new vitamins have improved, but not eradicated, the nausea, so of course my newest semi-anxiety was the only negligible ache in my br3asts (sorry to anyone who thinks that’s crude language). Last time it was torturous, why not this time? But just in the past hour that non-problem had resolved itself. How is a girl supposed to work with her ch3st thr.obbing painfully?

The 3’s and dots are to keep my blog from popping up for people searching for very different material.

Updated to add: Wow. I must have been in a lot of pain this morning. That post was nearly illegible! And yet, still, I am grateful for these miserable symptoms.


10 responses to “Ow, I can’t believe I’m posting about this

  1. Work? Who said work? Work is overrated πŸ™‚

  2. that’s so smart! I would have never thought to use 3’s for e’s to avoid people searching for “different kinds of material.”

  3. I would say I hope you feel better, but that seems somehow wrong under the circumstances…..

  4. I’m glad for your miserable symptoms too! That does feel strange to say.

  5. Here’s just hoping that time speeds up for you somehow. For most women it is a joy to get to the second trimester, since things “get better” at that point. I realize that for you there will be other things to deal with at that point…

    I’ve started trying to creatively alter some words too after I saw that certain phrases were attracting searches for women who are TTC. I don’t want to scare them too badly:)

  6. LeRoy Dissing

    I do hope the side affects wear off over time and/or that you need not take the medication indefinitely. It’s always something though when you take something to alleviate something else. Hope you feel better soon! No hugs today πŸ™‚

  7. LeRoy, Your gender is showing. πŸ™‚
    My aches aren’t an effect of the new vitamins, but rather a natural part of this process.

    Sadly, I’ve been on prenatal vitamins and folic acid for 18 months now. It has cost us a bloody fortune!

  8. LeRoy Dissing

    Sara…You caught me. I plead guilty to being male πŸ™‚ In my mind, I mis-associated (not sure that is even a word!) the vitmans with your newest development(s).

    Does not your insurance cover prenatal vitimans? I thought most did??

  9. Well, yes, but not completely. Although our insurance is great in that it covers prenatal visits and delivery 100% (no copayments and even my long stay in the hospital!), we have really crappy prescription coverage.

  10. The differences you are feeling in the aches and pains are because your body is doing this for the second time around.

    It will all be different this time, and hopefully easier!

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