I have been

memed by Niobe. My first one, so exciting!

I am sitting by a window.

I am smelling coffee and lilac.

I am allowing myself to be hopeful.

I am thinking of Rosepetal, Moksha, and A.

I am so sorry.

I am wondering about sadness and whys.

I am doing this meme wrong.

I am a retired globetrotter.

I am enamored of thunderstorms.

I am amazed at where I have been.

I am memeing Emily, Erin, and Mary.

Updated to add: Josh pointed out that he didn’t understand the point of this meme. I realized I should have explained. I was supposed to write a series of statements beginning with “I am.”


3 responses to “I have been

  1. Mmmm coffee and lilac. And maybe someday you’ll tell us about your former life as a globetrotter.

    I’m thinking about Rosepetal too.

  2. LeRoy Dissing

    I’d like to know where you have all been Sara and yeah, what’s with the retired globetrotter? You were one really???? I am impressed!

  3. “I am allowing myself to be hopeful”

    Good for you!! I have often found that feelings like hope and faith are more of a conscious choice than an involuntary emotion.

    I too wonder about sadness and whys. But I suppose that is pretty universal. Sigh…

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