The days drag by

This week has been pretty terrible. Nothing bad in particular has happened, it’s just I suppose that week 8 is my first fear milestone to pass. I’m at 8w 6d today and our first pregnancy miscarried at 8w 5d, although I wouldn’t know for two more weeks. I’m taking comfort in the lingering nausea (still better with the new pills) and the fact that this afternoon at 1:30pm I found myself so incredibly tired I couldn’t think.

Other than that, about the only interesting thing happening around here is that the neighborhood cat I call one-eyed Jimmy has taken to stalking our bedroom window every day at 6am, thus sending our two cats into an absolute frenzied rage. Waking up to the sound of screaming cats is not a peaceful way to begin the day.

Anyways, on to new ramblings. For fun, I’m taking a creative writing course on Thursday evenings with Emily, and last night we were given a writing prompt: write about two senses. My two senses were sight and smell. I’m not going to type in what I wrote, because in truth it was one of the worst prompts I’ve done so far. So I suppose it’s kind of funny, then, that that’s the first one I’m choosing to tell you all about.

When I saw “smell” on my little card, I immediately thought of the scent of an industrial detergent, the kind used to clean institutional restrooms. And then what followed was me trying to remember why on earth I love that smell. Because I really do. It has to be this particular kind, that smells kind of lemony, kind of bleachy, with a tinge of sugariness.

It reminds me of my daycare. I’ve never known anyone else who enjoyed daycare as much as I did, except perhaps my niece, who now actually goes to that same one her mother and I did. So it makes sense that I associate the place with good things. But I don’t have any particularly happy memories of the restroom. In fact the only memory I do have of it is having an accident on my way to it when I was about 2 and new to daycare and potty training. And that I remember as one of the first and most embarrassing moments of my life.


2 responses to “The days drag by

  1. LeRoy Dissing

    I like that smell too. It is a clean smell. It is interesting that you associated it with both a good memory and an embarassing one. I wonder what that means – if anything??

  2. Did you know that our sense of smell has the longest memory (if a sense can have a memory)? Smells are more likely to trigger distant memories than any other sense. Your post is a good example of that.

    I’m sorry this has been a hard week. Somehow, I sensed it. You have been quiet. I hope that getting past this first milestone will bring you a small amount of comfort. Maybe? I know comfort is hard to come by right now.

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