Have I told you all

that my cerclage is two weeks from today?

Holy crap am I getting nervous. One of my reasons for not wanting to be drugged during labor is that I’m HORRIFICALLY afraid of having a needle inserted into my back, but here goes. I’ll be having a spinal. Of course I know the odds of this going anything but smoothly are very low. Yet I also know that odds haven’t been working in my favor this past year for the most part. I’ll try to think instead of how odds have gone in my favor in the childbearing field these past few years – 1) finding a partner and getting married in grad school – I only know of 1 other person in my cohort to have done so, and 1 or 2 in every other cohort, so I’m lucky there; 2) getting pregnant – overall odds of getting pregnant in any given cycle, 20-25%, but for me I’m running at 100%. My doctor has never had a complication with a cerclage she performed, so let’s hope I won’t ruin her record.

And of course I’m still anxious that things might go wrong before June 6th. But assuming I’m still pregnant with a jumping bean by then, if anyone has any tips on surviving a spinal, let me know. And happy cerclage stories would be nice too. I am much more cheerful about the weekly progesterone shots.

14 responses to “Have I told you all

  1. I have my fingers crossed for you. Sending a big hug your way.

  2. Well, I only had epidurals during labor, and I would think that labor would only complicate things further, and they all went fine. I know an epidural is a bit different than a spinal, but they are also quite similar. For me though, the only way they seem to be able to get it in correctly is if I sit up and curl over, rather than lying down on your side and curling as they sometimes suggest. If that makes sense.

    I have also known quite a few women IRL who have had cerclages, and all went beautifully and carried their babies to near term. So I am of course very hopeful that the same thing will happen for you!!

    Two weeks! WOW!

  3. I’m glad there’s at least a procedure that will help you. You are in my thoughts, sweetie.

  4. You’re right, Mary, I am very happy that at least there are procedures to help me. Cerclage has a roughly 90% success rate for cervical incompetency and if it wasn’t that, progesterone has a roughly 90% success rate for preventing pre-term labor. So I’m hoping that gives me an 180% chance.

  5. I like your odds! Chortles over here!

    Seriously, spinals are great. You have a great young healthy back, no injuries, so it should be just fine. (I agree with Lori about the position as well.) You’ll know it’s going well if it doesn’t hurt at all, and all you feel is a little pressure. Serious pain or electric shock sensations are signs of a problem, feel free to tell them if you think something isn’t right.

    (And if it does go perfectly, get the Docs name so you can ask for them again in six months, just in case.)

  6. I went with a spinal for my D&C and it went fabulously. I too was nervous about a needle in my spine, but honestly I barely even noticed it. The only thing that even remotely hurt was the numbing shot I got beforehand, but it was brief and I really don’t even remember it. All in all, I highly recommend spinals. Good times.

  7. Sara~

    Lori asked me if I would write my expereinces with cerclages to you. Lori and I “Met” when we both lost our children (Lori’s twins and my triplets) during the same week in 10/03.

    After my triplets were born, I concieved a singleton (via IVF) and forwent a prevenatitve cerclage. However, at 22 weeks gestation, my cervix went through DRASTIC changes and I had a salvage cerclage placed then. I also had a spinal. It was scary, but honestly, the worst part was the weird feeling of feeling coming back in my legs, but it comes back quickly. The procedure (of getting a spinal) is uncomfortable, but more because it’s awkward and scary then because it hurts.

    I had a lot of compications that pg, but the cerclage held tight and my son was born safely at 38 weeks.

    In my current pg, I had a cerclage placed at 15+ weeks (it was a little later than usual, due to some early complications). The spinal was the same~more scary than painful and the procedure was a lot less nerve wracking because it was preventative instead of salvage. My last TVU for my cervix was at 34 weeks and my cervix was long and closed. I just (today) had my cerclage removed (at 36W5D) and I dilated to 1 cm as soon as it came out.

    My two cerclages are success stories. The first one kept my baby inside me longer than he would have otherwize. My second one enabled me to live a fairly normal life with limited restrictions (not swimming, sex, vaccuuming, heavy lifting, exersize or long walks) throughout the pg.

    Both pg were (and this one still is) scary. Having a sub. pg is difficult but I am very hopeful that things will go smoothly for your. I encourage you to reach out for as much support as you need from as many people as you can and I wish you peace throughout this journey.

    My best~

  8. I’ve never had a spinal so I can’t speak to that, but I will say that I will be thinking of you and sending as much positive energy as possible. The idea of a spinal is scary, but to me it is a lot less so than general anesthetic is. I’ve been under a few times in my life and all went well, but the idea of it really freaks me out.

    I’m curious, what week will you be in when you get the cerclage?

  9. LeRoy Dissing

    As I guy I am imagining what this “cerclage” looks like – am assuming it serves as a clamp to keep the cervix closed to prevent premature delivery. I am just assuming you cannot feel it either but I don’t know….but sounds like there may be other side effects? I am ready to be enlightened!

    I do hope your spinal goes well. Never had one but known many people who did and thought it went well.

  10. i like your odds too. đŸ™‚

    i’ve had a spinal and two epidurals, and through all of them the biggest challenge for me has just been calming myself enough to remain still. however you think you can achieve that, whether it’s focus or being firmly held or whatever, do it. like April said, they’re scary, but not exactly really painful…just so strange.

    just found you…am delurking to wish you the best of luck. i’m looking at a cerclage for my next pregnancy, after 2 preterm labours and the eventual (too late for my firstborn) diagnosis of incompetent cervix…so i’m eager to hear more about the procedure and what it means in terms of what you’ll be able to do and not do during the pregnancy…but mostly just to hope for the very best along with you.

  11. My spinal didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I barely noticed it. But, on the other hand, it wasn’t something I was really concerned about.

    Given that it’s something that you’re extremely worried about, have you thought about asking for something to help you relax? Unless you don’t want to take any additional drugs, which would be completely understandable.

    For positive cerclage stories, have you been following Trying to Have a Baby That Lives? She’s had a stressful, difficult pregnancy, but at this point she’s only a week away from delivering her baby girl.

  12. You should check out Becci at miraclebabyb.blogspot.com. She had a cerclage and has a healthy baby girl to show for it. I am sure she would answer any questions you have about it as well. Good luck!

  13. No good advice here…just wishing you lots of luck!

  14. Wow new people. Thank you everyone.

    April, thanks so much for your comments, and thank you Lori, for sending her over. I’m sorry about your triplets, but so happy your subsequent pregnancies are success stories. Congratulations!

    Basilbean, I’m getting the cerclage at 12w 3d. It could have been anywhere up to 14w but that’s when the hospital had time to schedule. She’s going to try for one stitch, since it’s so early, but may do two if she’s not happy with the first.

    Thanks for all the recommendations and good thoughts, all.

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