Okay, so somehow even though I wrote down June 8th for the cerclage, I have been thinking June 6th ever since. It’s Friday June 8th, at 8am. I’m glad it’s first thing in the morning. But it’s two weeks from tomorrow morning, not yesterday.

Baby looked good on the ultrasound. Couldn’t hear the heartbeat with the doppler, but I didn’t get too nervous about that. She brought in the ultrasound quickly and the heartbeat looked good there. He or she measures 11w 1d plus or minus 4 days. My dates put me at 1ow 5d, so there’s no real difference.

For some reason I feel really confident right now – I’m a little scared because a cerclage is not risk-free. I have no regrets that I’m getting it, even though I feel like the progesterone shots are more important. But I’m certainly not willing to risk anything on my hunch.


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  1. Good report, good news!

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