From my Window

This squirrel really likes his bird food.

10 responses to “From my Window

  1. hehe! it’s too bad you aren’t on facebook – I have some extremely cute gossling pictures there.

  2. So why don’t we just give in and call it squirrel food? Silly humans…

  3. Looks like it enjoyed the food. I agree with Aurelia, bird food should be called squirrel food.

  4. Is that really truly a picture that you took? That is so funny!

    I laughed even though I am not a squirrel fan. I always say they are simply rats with a feather boa on.

  5. It’s for real out my window. I wish the shadow hadn’t been there – the squirrel looked just so funny and I think it’s obscured a bit. His head was down when we saw him, but he looked up when he saw us. You may hear more about this guy. Yesterday I was sitting on a lawn chair on the porch trying to work and he put his two paws up on the edge and was staring at me. I was kind of scared by it.

  6. LOL!

    squirrels…i swear, those bastards should be shot. Seriously they make me want to buy a gun.

  7. LeRoy Dissing

    We package squirrel corn where I work. Call it a squirrel’s dozen. But I think this squirrel is doing just dandy with the food you are feeding him! Cute!!!

  8. Come on Kate, he’s so cute! I mean, we bought the food to keep the cats from getting bored, and the effect works the same with birds as squirrels.

  9. Kate’s response inspired me to comment.

    Last week we bought a BB gun so that Mr. C could shoot the raccoon and opossum that have been visiting our deck for months now. He made sure that it wouldn’t break the skin or anthing, just give them a sting.

    It worked. The opossum hasn’t shown up at all. And now when the raccoon approaches the deck he runs off if he sees one of us.

    To be clear, I would NEVER have done this myself. However, Mr. C was concerned for our cats, one of which lives outside, since raccoons sometimes kill cats. And the opossum is just yucky. Have you ever seen one? Yuck.

  10. Yeah, opossums are really gross looking. Glad we don’t have any of those hanging out on our deck. But I did walk onto the porch yesterday and notice that the squirrels are pooping out there. Nice. Especially since I spent hours and hours scrubbing off the nasty outdoor carpeting the landlord put down.

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