Woah – Watch out for Connecticut

Connecticut Becomes the Fifth State to Support Armenian Genocide

Okay, perhaps we’re being completely irreverent here, but my husband and I couldn’t help but laugh wondering who cleared that headline for publication!

4 responses to “Woah – Watch out for Connecticut

  1. LeRoy Dissing

    That has to be one bonehead headline. I would not be surprised if that made the AP…Can’t imagine the Armenians being happy with it! Yikes!!!

    Someone may lose their job over that one.

  2. And the article doesn’t even explain the issue…I know about it because I’ve seen other articles, but geez this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen!

  3. I know. I noticed that too. Very poor reporting.

  4. That IS bizarre. And especially the way the article doesn’t tell you anything at all about the issue…. totally wierd.

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