I could only laugh

Friday afternoon, after letting a “master student” at Av.eda take 7 inches off my hair* and managing to save $24.50 off the usual price of $37, I went off to spend some of that savings on a sandwich. Would you believe that I had no sooner sat down than eight hugely pregnant women arrived to enjoy lunch together? All of them well-dressed and attractive in high heels? Who were they? Maternity models on break? Or a torture squad sent out to terrorize infertile and/or tentatively pregnant women? Mine was not the only stricken face in the room. I was so bemused I hardly had time to be jealous.

* 7 inches gone and my hair is still below my shoulders? When did it get so long?


11 responses to “I could only laugh

  1. I have to admit…I’m not sure what I would’ve done in that situation. That really is weird. It’s one thing to see a few of them here and there, but EIGHT?


  2. Hmmm…now you have me wondering who these women could have been and why they’re traveling in packs.

  3. It seems like everyone in Ann Arbor is pregnant right now. I can’t wait to see the haircut!

  4. Hmm…should’ve had them all stand in a row and then find a really big bowling ball. OH, just kidding.
    I really think it’s an epidemic this spring/summer
    So sorry.
    Congrats on the hair. I have no idea what you look like, but I’m sure it looks fabulous!

  5. Well that does sound so absurd it is somehow laughable! Maternity models on break… that cracked me up.

    The Universe has a twisted sense of humor at times…

  6. LeRoy Dissing

    I wonder if hair grows faster when you are pregnant?

  7. LeRoy, Hair doesn’t really grow faster during pregnancy, but it sometimes seems to because the natural shedding stops. For awhile a lot of my hair was falling out (normal postpartum thing) but I think it’s going back to the lots of hair stage now.

  8. “maternity models on break” That just made me laugh so loud I startled the cat!

  9. I’m glad you can laugh about this incident now, unlike a couple months ago. That must have been a sight to see the “maternity models” on a lunch break.

  10. LeRoy Dissing

    Thanks Sara..I never knew hair fell out during postpartum and stopped during pregnancy. Must be hormonal I imagine?

  11. holy cow, 8 of them? that must have been breathtaking, and i mean that in a bad way. congrats on the haircut, i know it’s a big deal as i am coming up on 6 months since the last one.

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