Not bad at all

The cerclage went fine. Not nearly as difficult as I expected. I’ll write more later but I’m worn out right now.


9 responses to “Not bad at all

  1. I am glad to hear it! I have been thinking about you…

  2. Glad to hear. I’ve been thinking of you all day, but couldn’t check very often because I had been running around.
    Get some rest, and we will be here for the long version when you are up to it.
    Yay for passing this big milestone!

  3. That’s wonderful news. Get some rest.

    And can I just say that I have the longest Word Verification I have ever seen today. Why don’t they just ask me to type the whole alphabet?!?

  4. That sounds great. Hope you can get some rest this weekend.

  5. Hooray! Get some rest this weekend!

  6. I am so happy to hear this! You have been on my mind today:)

  7. Another NBHHY! Still crossing my fingers for you and baby, though. Sending a hug of relief your way. 🙂

  8. I am glad the procedure went well. I am hopeful that the rest of your pregnancy will be so too!

  9. Excellent! Now go rest up!

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