Details of My Cerclage

I’ve been avoiding you all. My last post was so upbeat and positive and I’m afraid to ruin things with more hopefulness. I’m afraid that if I post about the cerclage going well – it will suddenly turn into a disaster. I say this because only two or three weeks after I finally got around to telling long-distance friends I rarely see or talk to that I was pregnant with Natan, I went into preterm labor. And because with our first pregnancy, when I finally allowed my husband to tell his father that I was pregnant, well, within a day or so that ended. It’s like the universe was kicking me for my optimism and pretension (no I don’t really believe that, I just feel it sometimes….). But here goes….

So we got up early Friday morning, to be at the hospital by 7am. I slept alright the night before, but our cat T. decided to announce loudly that he was bringing his most pathetic toy to bed at 5am. He never plays with this toy. He only offers it as a gift. That’s its (no apostrophe needed) function in the world. So you can appreciate T’s love and generosity, here’s a picture of the Bird with 9 Million Lives:

But this morning, unlike all the others, I was getting up in 45 minutes anyway. T’s a good kitty, but when he brings us a gift, he wants a thank you.

Prep for the cerclage was uneventful beyond the blown vein on my left wrist. Fortunately, the right worked fine. I couldn’t drink any water after midnight, so surprise surprise, I was horribly dehydrated and my veins weren’t very cooperative.

So then came the move to the operating room and the spinal. The spinal, after all my worries, was nothing. It hurt a little. I kept thinking I could feel my legs until I realized the catheter had gone in and I hadn’t felt a thing. It took about 30 minutes, and Dr. K put in only one stitch, high up. Afterwards, in the recovery room, it took a long time for the feeling to come back in my legs. About an hour longer than expected. I kept thinking I could feel or move my legs, until Josh would tickle me and I felt nothing. Or I’d think I was lifting my legs but wasn’t. After I got feeling and movement back, it still took a few more hours until I could empty my bladder. That kind of sucked, and the nurses were beginning to worry about it.

On Friday, I felt fine. Very little pain, no cramping, very little bleeding. Saturday, some pain, no bleeding. Sunday, some discharge, less pain. Today, some discharge, almost no pain. So all in all, not bad. The worst of the pain, I think, actually came from the awkward position during the procedure.


14 responses to “Details of My Cerclage

  1. Universe seems to have a sick sense of humor, for sure.
    Glad it went so well, and that there has been so little discharge.
    Hope for nothing unusual in the pregnancy department for a long time to come.
    Oh, the most common new arrival at my blog? people looking for those starbucks quotes. Go figure.

  2. I completely understand your reluctance to “ruin things with more hopefulness” (you might have noticed that I haven’t updated things much on my blog, and this is the very reason). I have absolutely no weird-jinxy-feelings about having and expressing hopeful thoughts for others, though, so I will continue thinking and expressing them openly for you.

    I am SO happy to hear about how things went/are going regarding the cerclage. This is good.

    About the name/spelling, it makes sense to me why it aggravates you. My first name is spelled the way 99% of the women with this name spell it, so I don’t have that in common with you. However, I pronounce my name the “correct” way, and 99% of Americans pronounce it in such a way that makes my skin crawl.

    Oh, and about the your/you’re problem (and all of its cousins: there/their, are/our, its/it’s…and I shutter to even enter the zone of punctuation problems like comma usage or the proper use of a semicolon) I ponder this daily. I do not have the answer for you (that isn’t completely true but I will spare you and your readers my thoughts on pedagogy).

  3. Glad that the cerclage went well. My heard did skip a beat when I read about it taking longer than usual for the feeling to come back into your legs, but I think it is from too many pharm and tox classes.

    Your reticence about being too positive with this pregnancy is very understandable. Hang in there! I’m thinking positive and sending my vibes your way. 🙂

  4. I’m glad to hear about the cerclage going well. Thank goodness! So, I assume the discharge is okay with the doc? He doesn’t need to swab it or check on it? (I’ve never had a cerclage, so I’ll admit to being curious.)

    I am glad the spinal went well, and see, now if you ever decide you want one in labour you won’t be so concerned. Good side, right?

  5. I’m hopin’ for the best for you! And i don’t think Karma counts for just wishing things to go right, ya know? (at least that is what I keep telling myself)

  6. I am optimistic about this going all the way, but then I am always the eternal optimist to a fault. Everything you described sounds very promising Sara…even though I don’t know your last name 🙂

  7. I’m so glad to hear that everything went well, and I can SO relate to your grammar rant. Perhaps it comes from having a father who is an English professor, but bad grammar is my biggest pet peeve!

  8. Glad to hear it all went well!

    I totally relate to not wanting to talk about things when they are going well. So, talk about *other* things LOL.

  9. I know what you mean about not wanting to sound too positive or hopeful. I’ve convinced myself that if I even think any positive thoughts about anything, my whole life will be jinxed. I’m overstating it a little. But just a little.

    Good to hear that the cerclage went well.

  10. Thanks all.

    The nurses and doctors weren’t thrilled about my slow return to feeling & bladder functioning either, but fortunately it seems fine now. They put a note on my record.

    I am less fearful of needing a spinal during labor – but more determined not to have one if at all possible because in the hours after my child is born I don’t want to be struggling to wiggle my toes and pee on my own!

  11. Sara- I can’t claim to always have perfect grammar, but I am quite a good speller so I definitely notice errors. My bigger pet peeve is all of the email/internet shorthand that has evolved in the past 10 years. Are we going to have generations of kids thinking it is fine not to capitalize “I”, or punctuate?

    I’m glad you are doing well, and I understand your hesitancy to think positive. I remember in my subsequent pregnancy I had myself pretty much boxed in with my fears. I worried that if I thought too positive something bad would happen, and yet I worried that if I thought too negatively then something bad would happen. Mostly, I tried not to think (which didn’t work).

  12. i am so glad that your cerclage went well. and thanks for detailing the experience, it is very helpful to know since a cerclage is in my future. i am so hopeful for you! 🙂

    (lori, i hope that my improper lowercase usage doesn’t bug you ;))

  13. Glad to hear it, Wannabe mom. That’s why I wrote it down – because I really appreciated the details on other women’s blogs.

  14. I’m glad things went well. Hooray!

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