This time/last time

Another doctor’s appointment today and all is well. My cervix is still well over 4cm long, which makes me feel great because last time my cervix was 3.5 cm at 15 weeks. That of course means nothing scientifically, but the more that’s different and better with this pregnancy than my pregnancy with Natan, the better I feel. At the very least – since I’ve read that with an incompetent cervix things begin to go poorly earlier and earlier with each subsequent pregnancy – I’m still on the good side of statistical data. That of course assumes that doctor hypothesis #1 is correct. If my cervix effaced because I went into preterm labor, and not vice versa, it still makes me happy that I have more cervix to start with, and also that we begin progesterone shots next week. And also that I remember I was already at this point complaining to Dr. M about a heavy discharge and lots of tightening across the uterus if I so much as walked up my apartment stairs.

Some people have asked me why I didn’t do progesterone supplements during the first trimester, and the answer is that for women who are at risk for preterm labor late in the second or early in the third trimesters, research has shown it to be effective starting between weeks 16-20. Since I’ve had such an easy time getting pregnant and only had one miscarriage, none of the doctors thought it necessary in the first trimester. I am pleased though, that we’re starting it at the earliest week known to be helpful.

3 responses to “This time/last time

  1. My progesterone comes in the first trimester, in the form of suppositories. I hear the shots suck somewhat more, but I am glad you are starting them as early as seems useful. I am also very glad for the little differences in the “better” column this time. May they all go into that column, every one of them.

    And I am sorry there is the other column.

  2. Glad to hear that things are going well and differently.

  3. I’m very happy to hear things are going well.

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