Catherine has asked for a warning: Let it be known this post ends with the eating of an unorthodox, but vegetarian, sandwich.

My good friend Beecher and I share something in common – we don’t like chocolate. That makes us very strange I suppose. We each have our strange exceptions to the rule however – I can handle the chocolate covering on Reese’s Pieces and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, I don’t mind chocolate chip cookies so long as there are few chips in them, and I like cheap packaged hot chocolate (without marshmallows, please.) He, on the other hand, likes grocery-store bakery brownies – an idea that absolutely disgusts me.

Today Niobe reminded me of that dislike when she posted about a disgusting Swedish candy bar, the Pigall. After I finished gagging (literally), I thought about all the bloggers who would consider such a nasty thing an ecstasy. I remembered something she once mentioned she found disgusting as a child – mixing foods. In fact, peanut butter and jelly made her “skin crawl.”

That day, back in May, I read her post and thought, “mmm, peanut butter and jelly. That sounds good.” We only had almond butter, though, so it was going to have to be an almond butter and jelly sandwich (strawberry jelly, to be exact). And when I opened the fridge and saw the pickles, I thought, ooh, even better, and made myself an almond butter, jelly, and kosher dill pickle sandwich. Yummy.

8 responses to “Mixing

  1. Next time, please put a warning on these posts. blech!

  2. Ewwwww.

    Okay, now we’re even.

  3. Um, gross. What’s up with pregnancy and pickles? I have been crazy about them, but not necessarily on or with anything unusual.

  4. I actually am not a big fan of chocolate myself- although it doesn’t disgust me. Like you, I tend to like it best with something else and not as the sole ingredient.

    I liked peanut butter with pickles when I was a kid- but now… I gotta say, yuck.

  5. LOL! Thanks for the warning!

  6. I can totally see where you are coming from– very few things are worse off for adding pickles.
    I am sorry the pleasure that is dark chocolate eludes you. I read recently that like or dislike for chocolate is genetic, so I guess there is nothing to be done about that…

  7. Ooooo.. forgot to say that I much prefer almond butter to peanut one. Much.

  8. I thought it was just a joke that pregnant women put pickles in everything!

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