Progesterone Shot

No problem at all. I guess I have lots of cushioning on my rear end because I felt a slight pin prick and nothing else. It is a big needle but I was careful not to look at it.

The doctor and nurse said not to expect any side effects at all except for slight soreness at the spot of injection. I have had a few crampy twinges at that spot, but nothing else.

Edited to add:
I will get them once a week, from weeks 16 to 36.
Basilbean wrote that she knows of some women who have to do these shots at home, I’d suggest your partner do it, with you standing up and leaning over a table. Our nurse said that’s the least painful way and I honestly didn’t feel much at all.


8 responses to “Progesterone Shot

  1. Glad to hear the first shot went well. NBHHY! 🙂

  2. Are those daily or weekly?

  3. Weekly – and they have to be done by a nurse. So the most annoying part will be the weekly 20 minute drive to the doctor’s office.

  4. Oh, good… Weekly is probably a lot easier to take.
    I gather you are not a fan of driving. 🙂

  5. I wish I could have my shots in the butt. At least I wouldn’t notice the bruises. Unfortunately, my shots are in my stomach. Scary, I know.

    I’m so happy we’re both getting preventative help this time. Good luck to both of us. 😛

  6. Ouch. But (no pun intended) at least it sounds like you’re getting very good medical care.

  7. How far into the pregnancy will you continue having the shots?

  8. Oh, gosh. I’m terrible at providing information! I’ll get them until 36 weeks.

    Basilbean commented on the last post that she knows women who have to do the shots at home. I suppose I could do it if I had to, but from the start they told me it’d be done in the office. And then yesterday the nurse told me that if you aren’t in the exact right position it hurts a lot because the needle is so long and the fluid is so thick. I was standing up and bent over the table, and she put the shot in very high on the buttock, and will alternate right to left every week.

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