I forgot the calm

In the midst of yesterday’s drama I forgot the latter half of the previous title.

Somebody has been tickling me from the inside, a lot. Kind of distracting, but definitely nice.


2 responses to “I forgot the calm

  1. That IS definitely nice! How exciting.

    In response to your previous post, I think you are wise to leave the door open only slightly (ie not working to block her or change your email) so you can determine just how much she is willing to continue to pursue this “relationship.” It would be disconcerting if she continues to try and contact you after you have made so many steps to make yourself unavailable, and to reflect your disinterest.

    I am sorry you have felt censored. I suppose we all do a little bit, for various reasons, but your reason is so over the top and unfair. I sincerely hope she finds a new direction for her life, and leaves you alone.

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