U/S Results

Emily, a Level II Ultrasound is just a more indepth look at the baby and uterus, to assess for any problems.

All is well. Baby’s heart, spine, and size measured well. My cervix looked good still, too, although the tech said it was 3.5 rather than the 4.3s we’ve been getting. I’m trying not to worry about that because she didn’t do a transvaginal which is more accurate, and my bladder was of course full which can affect things. 3.5 is still a good number anyway and a cm longer than it was at this point last time, and there was no funneling.

As for who we’ve got in there, well, we won’t be naming him Hannah. Another boy. We were thinking maybe girl, but I think on my part at least it was because my instincts were saying BOY! so strongly again. I was worried that was just because I really want Natan, so I needed to open myself up for a girl, just in case. But I want this guy too.

I’m excited, but kind of numb, as well.


14 responses to “U/S Results

  1. I thought boy too…
    Great results, and good to hear you are getting kicks too.

  2. Congrats on the great results! Yay for boys! 3.5 is still excellent for your cervix…try not to worry. They will check it again soon anyway, i am sure.

  3. Oh Good, I’m glad you got a good result. The 18 week is the big one, the one that means the most. And yes the whole boy/girl thing is difficult after losing a baby. Do we hope for the same gender or different? I just don’t know…It’s a hard one for me.

  4. A boy! Now we can share shopping tips! lol…if only it were so simple, huh?

  5. Another boy! That’s wonderful, but I would have said the same thing for a girl. Will you name him soon, or wait? I know people have different feelings about that. I felt the need to name Baby Girl as soon as I knew she was a girl. I wanted to “know” her and call her by name for as long as I was going to have her. Some might have viewed that as negative thinking, but for me it was actually a way of being positive. It allowed me to embrace her without trying to hold something in reserve, “just in case.” If that makes any sense.

  6. Thanks all, for the congratulations on the boy & good U/S results. And Kate, for the positive cervix thoughts. I have never concentrated on a single part of my anatomy so much!

  7. As for names, we have one in mind, but I won’t say it publicly until after he’s born. Natan was named in our minds before he was born, and it had always been my favorite boy name. We wanted to know the baby’s sex for the reason you wanted to know Baby Girl’s name. To “know” as much about him for as long as possible. It’s not negative, it’s a manner of coping.

  8. Oh that is great! I’m so excited for you. I sorta was the same way with Critter. After losing Jimmy I sorta wanted a boy because I figured that’s what was taken from me, that’s what I should get back. However, I needed to prepare for a girl so I wouldn’t be disappointed. I know that sounds awful, I would have loved a girl too, but it was nice that I didn’t have to go down that road because Critter has a penis! I’d tell you not to worry about the cervix thing, but I’m sure you will anyway… but it sounds reassuring, so try not to. YEA!!

  9. I’m glad that everything appears to be going so well and not only appears but “is”. And the kicks are icing on the cake but good to feel at this point I am sure!

  10. i’m glad that your cervix is cooperating and that the baby is looking good! i’ll be thinking of you all, especially that cervix.

  11. I’m so glad that your son is doing so well! I had a dream a few weeks ago that your baby was going to be a girl, so that just shows that my dreams don’t mean anything 🙂 Do you have any names in mind?

  12. This is wonderful news. I am so happy to see this post. It’s funny, I just always assumed you were having a boy.

    (oh and sorry I’m so late to see this post. I keep forgetting that you’re at this blog now)

  13. Thanks everyone. Monica, you have it exactly right. Emily, I’m touched my baby and I are in your dreams!

  14. Yay for boys! For me, having another boy is hard just because of the memories and longing for Elijah. Of course, a baby in general has the same effect. I’m so glad everything is looking good so far. We’ll just take it week by week.

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