I get the gold star

You may notice the pretentious change of title. Well, that’s because when I checked this morning, despite my settings, I’m searchable via some engines. Alas. I went with Italian, because although I have only unpleasant memories of studying the language in college for a semester, the inspiration for the title is a narrative of a year in Italy.

Fanny Kemble, an English actress and the author of the narrative, spent a year in Italy following her separation from her husband, an American slaveholder, in the 1840s. By leaving her husband, she relinquished her right to custodial care of her daughters. It took her nearly a decade to work up the nerve to leave her husband because of the effect it would have on her relationship with her daughters, and although she didn’t write about the pain of separation in her published work, she titled it Ye.ar of Con.solation, an obvious reference. When I began thinking about blogging and about how I envisioned the year ahead of us, her book immediately came to mind. And so, when it happened that I needed to move and hide this blog, another of her titles came to me, Further Records. Kemble lived a long life and wrote multiple memoirs, Further Records being the title of her last one.

As far as I know, Kemble never lost a child, but I have always imagined how wrenching her choice must have been for her, and how she must have felt judged as a failure as a wife and mother.


8 responses to “I get the gold star

  1. I remembered where the first title came from, and if I wasn’t such a lazy ass, could’ve looked up her other stuff. And thanks to Josh, we now know that she figures in your dissertation. 🙂
    But all you were offering was a gold star, and that’s just not enough these days… If you were offering a no-hassle pass to a good endocrinologist, I might have bothered. 🙂

  2. Sorry, I don’t have any any doctor’s visits to offer. But I am annoyed that it’s almost 1pm and you’re still in need of one of those. Get on it, people.

  3. Heh. I was wondering why this new blog suddenly appeared on my bloglines subscription. Thanks for explaining the title and saving me from having to do actual research.

  4. I think on WordPress you can hide your blog from search engines altogether if you want.

    At any rate, it’s a good new name.

  5. Thanks Antropologa – I have that option selected and yet sure enough, someone found me by searching techno.rati! Fortunately though wordpress is very good and gives you the locations and IP addresses so I know it was not anyone problematic. You’re welcome to stick around, for example.

  6. Thanks for the fascinating insight into your blog titles. It sounds like an interesting story, and piece of history. I like the new Italian version too!

  7. Good title actually. I’m hoping it’s ok if you are eventually found by others since I think this really is a well-written blog about grieving and sadness.

    Poor Fanny Kemble. I’ve spoken to enough birth mothers to know that yes, losing a child like that is an occasion for grief. Slightly different, but still awful in it’s own way.

  8. Thanks all. Aurelia, I am going to allow myself to be found by others fairly soon, just as soon as I think I’ve found my way around anyway someone specifically looking for me we would come upon it. I’ll give it a week or more. Thanks though for the praise.

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