I can’t wait

Seriously, I really can’t.

My nephew has taken to rushing to his room, slamming the door, and shouting, “You’re ruining my life!” when my sister tells him he can’t do/have something. He’s 4.

My niece, who’s 3, absolutely cannot start the new school year until she has pink toenails like the girls she met last week at the “water day”/”getting to know your new school party.”

Wow, how I want these problems.


8 responses to “I can’t wait

  1. Geez, and I thought Monkey could be a drama queen. But she’s got nothing on those two.

  2. It’s funny how what constitutes a problem changes when we realize how lucky people are to have certain problems and not others. Your nephew reminds me of my youngest sister, who once remarked “I’m having a stupid life” because something didn’t go her way.

  3. I have nephew whose favorite phrase is also, “You’re ruining my life!” It always makes me laugh, but I don’t think his parents think it is so funny.

    I really do try to remind myself, when my kids are driving me crazy, that I am lucky to have them around to drive me crazy. Sometimes it helps get me through those rough patches (but not always).

  4. I can’t wait either. But I don’t think parents have to feel bad for sometimes being angry or fed up with our kids because, gasp, at least they’re alive. I worry that (if this baby by some miracle lives) I’ll feel like a complete shit the first time my screaming, colicky offspring keeps me up all night. My mom says she remembers being tempted to throw me off the balcony under those circumstances. Imagine the guilt if I think that for a split second.

  5. At least when my sister was telling me about these episodes she wasn’t annoyed by them. More amused. Lori, where did the boys learn this phrase? I don’t know how old your nephew is, but it seems we ought to have had a few more years before this one emerged. Personally, I think my sister deserves the pink nail polish drama since my niece had a “pink princess” themed party for her first birthday.

    Megan, the guilt starts already. I feel terrible when I have moments fantasizing about all the exercising and vacuuming I’m going to do after the baby’s born — I have to make sure to qualify it carefully by saying in January or February.

  6. Exercise and vacuuming? I’m already longing for red wine, unpasteurized cheese and the occasional bummed cigarette.

  7. I’ve been craving a martini for months now.

  8. Beruriah, if I am in a fit state to fly in those months (which we hope I am not), I’d be glad to come down and mix your first post-partum martini. No earlier than January, though. And if I am not, you are welcome to fly here, and I’ll make you one. Any excuse to see the baby, see 🙂 But I also fully appreciate the important role mixed drinks have in preserving our fragile sanity (ies?)

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