I apparently overextended myself today by getting up, making breakfast, straightening up the living room, playing with the cat, showering, and attempting to get ready for a meeting this afternoon because I began having contractions. I called the doc expecting to be told to just rest, and instead we were off to triage. The good news, the very best news is that they don’t seem to have done anything to the cervix, it’s still closed & measured 3.8 cm. Not the 4.5 I love, but that’s the longest they’ve measured it at the hospital. And they stopped with rest. So we’ll take it and be happy.

Bed rest won’t be that different from what I’ve been doing, but it will mean I’ll be even less social and less helpful around the house. And my poor lonely cats will have to deal with even less playtime.

Now I get to have the meeting I was supposed to have today tomorrow, at my house. That’ll be weird, to have my adviser as a guest.

I don’t feel nearly as grumpy as I could right now. I’m just feeling relief that the contractions stopped and all seems to be well. Very well, considering. And the resident this time was very nice and understanding, no patronizing or stupid comments.

And the baby is kicking up a storm. The ultrasound screen on the little machine in the room was very small, but we could see the baby’s butt bouncing around. Very cute.


12 responses to “Ack…Bedrest!

  1. I’m very glad to hear that you’re getting good, non-patronizing, non-stupid comment-filled, medical care. Is this the kind of bedrest where you’re not allowed up more than a couple of times a day, or is it not that strict?

  2. I can get up to use the bathroom, shower, etc. And I can sit up – I don’t have to lay on my side all day or in the trendelenberg (sp?) position (hips higher than head). I’m hopeful that won’t come since they’re really not coming back as long as I don’t walk too much.

  3. shitty about the bedrest but like Niobe i’m glad you’re getting taken seriously, and getting care that isn’t patronizing.

    so rest, and see about that massage. and take good care of you…bedrest, as i’m sure you know, is a bit rough on the head as well as the hips.

  4. Ack… But I, too, am glad your medical care is so much better this time.

    About that meeting with your adviser. I ended up in the hospital with the first bleed from my previa when I was pregnant with Monkey the day after I defended. I still had changes to make to the dissertation, and I still had an oral exam that got lost in the shuffle. When it became clear that Monkey was fine, but not yet clear whether I would be able to leave the hospital, I mentioned the exam to one of my nurses. She said, bring them (the committee) here– we’d love to see that, and do you think they will dare fail you? Ha ha, you know.

    That is of no help to you, but I hope it gave you a smile.

  5. I swear I commented something to this post earlier,but it seems to have vanished..

    I’m glad they didn’t just tell you to rest but to come in and get checked. Glad to hear the cervix is still looking good.

    You’ll have to tell the cats to be there for you! I just love kitty kats! Have fun with the adviser!

    How far along are you again? About 22 weeks?

  6. 23 weeks tomorrow!

    Thanks Monica. Our girl cat is there for me, in terms of always wanting to lay her too warm body next to mine, but the needy boy cat is pissed off. Oh well.

    So Julia, did your committee ever come to the hospital? And what an incredibly stressful time!

  7. I’m glad you got good medical attention yesterday, and that your advisor is willing to accomodate you. It does seem funny to have her over, though. Let me know if you get bored and need more visitors — I have all this free time now!

  8. Ack! I’m suppressing my strong need to be maternal here. Rest. Take care. Drink water. Lie on your whatever side. okay, I’m stopping. Oh, and the boy cat had no idea what is in store for him.

  9. I drink so much water I’m going to drain the city reserves. Alas, my pee is clear.

    Sorry for the vulgarity….

    Emily, c’mon over whenever! I’m excited for crocheting this weekend.

  10. They didn’t end up needing to come– I got let out of the hospital to go home, and allowed the “modified” bed rest thing. And then they let me go do the oral thing at the university. But I got to do it sitting down. I was also hospitalized two or three more times before I had Monkey, but they let me out every time. And the placenta moved just enough by the end that I was able to have a vaginal delivery. It did seem a little stressful then, but it seems positively like a walk in the park now.

  11. This must have been really scary, but I am so glad that everything is o.k., that they didn’t hesitate to check you out and that the contractions have stopped. So, so glad. Take care of yourself and enjoy the knitting!

  12. Bedrest! Well, I’m glad you’re okay and that baby is okay. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

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