How’s that for a start

Tools for a pleasant day on bedrest: comfy couch and pillows, helpful husband, affectionate cat, and a few good books.

With that in mind I had to laugh as I started my morning reading with this sentence, “The issue of delegitimation raises a second objection, which concerns the subgenre of forbidden books called libelles–slanderous attacks on public figures known collectively as ‘les grandes.'” Leave it to an historian to open a discussion about revolution, royal sex and pornography in the 18th-century with a sentence like that. But I liked the book, actually, in the end. So I could simultaneously enjoy reading and pretend it’s work. I don’t work on 18th-century France, though, so I only needed the gist of the book, but oh well. I’ve read almost all of it. I say almost all because there’s no way I can convince myself that reading the actual 18th century French porn and tracts of political libel included in the appended anthology is justified. I’ll leave that for break time.

Shortly after I finished reading, Kate, Theo and Max arrived! No pictures though, sorry folks. You’ll just have to believe me that we all really were in the same room.

Today: rest and read about Christian evangelical publishing 1789-1880. Not nearly so much fun.

3 responses to “How’s that for a start

  1. Watch it there with french porn and pelvic rest. 🙂
    I bet you had fun with Kate and the boys.
    Did your adviser make it over? How did that go?

  2. Tell me about it!
    It was great to see Kate and the twins. I’m already looking forward to next time!
    Yeah, my adviser did come. It went well enough. She liked my chapter a lot, and we talked about “the job market.” She wants me to have another chapter done by the time my first applications come due October 15 – so I have until October 1! Yikes.

  3. Another chapter done by October 11? Wow. If that even seems possible, you are just flying along.

    Side note: I just realized who Kate, Theo and Max are now. Yeah, I can be kinda slow sometimes.

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