Good Boys Deserve Favor Always/A Cow Eats Grass

Or as the third chair cellist in my middle school orchestra put it: A Cow! Ew Gas! That wouldn’t leave my mind as I thought of this poetry challenge….The bass clef mnemonic. I will try again. I don’t do lyric poetry:

A boy cries, Don’t eat fine grub!

He isn’t joking: kind lemons multiply,

Not over pie, quarks rustle slowly,

Through underground vents, while xenogeneic yeomen zigzag.

I would go through the list of blogs from which I got this, but just check out Slouching Mom for the list if you’re interested.


We went to a wedding last night that featured karaoke singing. I of course didn’t get up and sing. But I did become overly exhausted by just sitting in an uncomfortable chair for almost 4 hours, and once again felt somewhat guilty for failing to be a chatty pregnant woman. I wish I would have the chance to discuss anything BUT babies and pregnancy yet somehow the protruding belly makes that difficult. At soon as I arrived, people began coming up to me, crying “Oh!” or as one guy we haven’t seen since he moved across the country said, “Nice!” (as much to Josh as to me). I thought I might try to revel in the attention as if I were any old pregnant woman. That worked for about five minutes.

I don’t mind people touching my belly, really, at all. I don’t want to compare notes on pregnancies or children. And yet of course they are preoccupied by my pregnant state if I haven’t seen them in months or years or we don’t know each other well at all. I’m preoccupied by my pregnant state and I’m stuck with myself all the time. I just always hope that being social will allow me some time for distraction but instead it puts it in sharp focus.

I’m making the wedding sound as if it were awful, but it was fine. I just want people to be cooing over a baby in my arms, not my belly.

Today, I have been pregnant longer than ever.


20 responses to “Good Boys Deserve Favor Always/A Cow Eats Grass

  1. I like the poem! And its title brought me back to my piano days. Would you like me to add it to my ever-growing list? Please let me know. I don’t want to do so without permission.

    And as for this: “Today, I have been pregnant longer than ever.” What a beautiful, powerful line.

  2. I feel for you, this is my third and I’ve never been pregnant this long! And although I’m doing it here, wouldn’t it be nice to talk to people about something besides pregnancy? It’s all I think about as it is, I wish people would see me and not just this HUGE belly.

  3. I feel for you, this is my third and I’ve never been pregnant this long! And although I’m doing it here, wouldn’t it be nice to talk to people about something besides pregnancy? It’s all I think about as it is, I wish people would see me and not just this HUGE belly.

  4. Thanks Slouching Mom, You can link.

    Hi Knittingnoob. Yes. There’s a certain silliness in my thinking other people shouldn’t want to talk about the obvious.

  5. Well, I totally get it. I wish at a certain point I could hide my pregnancy in public. I don’t mind basic questions, when are you due?…etc. But I don’t like the squeling, cooing, aahing thing. At all. I was just telling Mr.G, I can’t handle when people get into the “when the baby comes…” types of conversations. Ummm…lets not talk about that. If you want to talk about how happy I am today to have my daughter with me, okay, but not all stories have the same ending, so please shut up.

    Anyway, now I am babbling. But I know what you mean. It is very hard to be a pregnant woman after loss, out in public.

  6. Your is the 4th poem I have read today and I love how, despite starting out with the same instructions, they are all really different.

    I think you are very brave to go to a wedding right now. There’s nothing like a wedding–with the drinks and festive spirit to bring out people’s belly fever!

    Ms.G is right, it is very hard to be pregnant, in public, after a loss (or losses). I have been relatively fine as I have only had 1 stranger say anything to me, so far. Of course, I am wearing the baggiest clothing possible and I suspect that people think I’ve just kinda chubbed out. That’s o.k. I’d rather they think I was fat! As for friends? I have been hiding in the house, so there is little chance of that. But I don’t know how long I will be able to keep it totally hidden.

    I really don’t think I’ll be able to take part in any pg related chitchat for the duration of this. I don’t care if I seem rude to people, I just can’t pretend that I’m normal and that what I’m going through, is what everyone else gets to experience. I’m not sure what I’ll say yet, but I’ll let you know when I get there! You mentioned that you don’t mind people touching your belly–there is no way I could handle that. I can barely take D touching it, so a stranger is not going to be too happy when I recoil in horror! It sounds like you handled this really well. I honestly don’t think I could have done so well. So be a little proud of yourself–you really do deserve it!

  7. Terrific poem – I remember EGBDF all too well!

  8. Both of my wee ones were 40 wk 5 days…and it was too long. 😉

    Great poem.

  9. “Today I have beem pregnant longer than ever”. Maybe it was gas, but something stirred inside me when I read that. I know it hasn’t been easy B, but congratulations on making it this far and still being sane (you are still sane right? right?) I don’t mind when people touch my belly, but when they ask, “is this your first?”-OUCH! I liked your poem.. especially quarks.

  10. i too was hit deep by the line, “today i have been pregnant longer than ever.” it is a big milestone, passed safely. i breathe a sigh of relief and a little tiny hopeful peep of celebration for you.

    and i hope you don’t have too many more chatty cheery occasions to deal with, because they’re hard. so very very strange and hard.

  11. It’s really fascinating to see how people approach the abc poem so differently. Kind of a Rorschach, perhaps?

  12. I love all of these ABC poems! My poor brain, however, is overtaxed with other writing projects today. Perhaps I will tackle it tomorrow …

    “Pregnant longer than ever …” What a powerful line. What a blessed relief and a gift. May the coming days and weeks pass like a gentle rain.

  13. “xenogeneic yeomen zigzag…” That reminds me of the martini I had last night at the wedding.

  14. It’s a fun poem, especially the quarks :). I am glad you couldn’t resist.

    The milestone? I am so glad it passed safely. And I do think you are saner than I am likely to be. I am wondering whether there is a sign one can wear to stop the chatter? “I know I am pregnant. Now, can we talk about something else?” оr “I am up there. Imagine I am not an incubator.” or “Save the fuss for if you meet in person.” Too rude?

  15. Can I tell you a story that I hope might make you laugh? Because your dilemma of not wanting to talk about the obvious reminded me of it. When my oldest son was around 4-5 years old, he was huge into costumes, and especially pirate costumes. He had several different pirate coats, and hats that he often wore in his daily life for no reason at all. Just an outing to the grocery store was reason enough to don his full pirate gear (though I would make him leave the sword at home). I couldn’t have cared less that he wanted to dress like a pirate in public, were it not for the fact that he HATED it if anyone commented or made reference, or even smiled at him because of his attire. He basically wanted to be able to go around dressed as a pirate and have nobody notice!!! You could probably sympathize with his feelings a little bit right now.

    I don’t share that story to minimize even slightly the difficulty of living through a pregnancy after a loss, but only to hopefully make you smile.

    I loved your poem!!

  16. And I doubt we (those who follow your blog) will ever get to see your pregnant belly 🙂 I am glad of how well you are progressing. A guy is never suppose to ask a woman if this is as much as she has ever weighted, so I will just have to assume…another milestone will be reached shortly if not already.

  17. Thanks all.

    Monica made me laugh harder than I should – it can be embarrassing these days. Julia’s t-shirts would be nice on a normal day, but I felt different attire was necessary for a wedding.

    Lori, I loved your story. Big J was too funny. I can imagine all the well-meaning elderly folks sparking his ire.

    As for weight, well, yeah it’s more than ever. By quite a bit. I’m just too lazy to be photographed – I’d need to think of it while dressed and brushed.

  18. Niobe, Rorschach perhaps but who’s going to analyze the results for us?

  19. “Today, I have been pregnant longer than ever.”

    Then today is a good day. :o)

  20. Did you mean me make me smile, when you said that “I thought I might try to revel in the attention as if I were any old pregnant woman. That worked for about five minutes?”

    I wish that your enjoyment lasted for 4-hours, but I am pleased that you had at least five-minutes. Maybe, I am looking for the drops in the glass.

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