So exciting

Here’s a lovely photo of the famous Tom cat, sometimes called Thompson, sometimes Tommy T. Thompson (yes after the lovely WI governor of my youth), sometimes Thompson T. Cat, sometimes Tom Tomovich, listening to a reading from what I think was a discourse on Soviet film or proofreading some crap about the 19th century. Pay no attention to the woman on Tommy’s right, although this is likely the only “belly shot” you’ll get to see.

Edited to include: Midnight Midnightovich (or Midnight Midnightevna, as it should be since she’s a girl but I always mess it up.)


10 responses to “So exciting

  1. Nice pictures of your cats! Of course the name Tommy Thompson is very familar to me here in Wisconsin! My daughter has two siamese cats but I much prefer yours cuz they are the kind I grew up with. BTW: Nice belly shot!!! Thanks for sharing. I have read so much about it but nothing takes the place of a actually seeing you pregnant. Seeing is believing! πŸ˜‰

  2. Well, LeRoy, then perhaps you can appreciate how much benevolence it takes to actually call the man lovely.

  3. LOL…I wasn’t sure if you were being sacastic or serious, so I was being “ginger” in my response. I am one of those who was glad he went to Washington to become the DHHS Secretary. He really was out of his element there as well as in national politics altogether. I sometimes wonder if he has an ego the size of his former boss or in other words, the size of Texas! Maybe I am being too benevolent now.

  4. Oooo…thanks so much for the pics. All three of you look wonderful, even if the one in the blue shirt seems a bit truncated.

  5. First the belly touching and now a belly shot. Oooh, you are brave! You look like you are having a nice recline, with your furry friends. I’ll have to see if I can snap something of me on the couch with my own furry critter!

  6. Thanks all for helping me distract myself this afternoon. Meg, I wouldn’t get too impressed by the belly touching! It’s all relative. “Normal” pregnant women seem to not mind the chatter, but mind the touching. I dislike the former so much that the latter fades into the background of all around discomfort.

  7. i like the kitties, and the belly.

  8. Isn’t that Midnight Midnightevna? Midnighteva?
    Great pictures–kitties and the belly.

  9. hi tom and midnight! and hi to your pretty belly too. πŸ™‚

  10. Ah, Julia! You’re right, as Josh has told me many times but for some reason I always say “ovich.”

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