What were you doing on June 11 1975?

My parents were planning my older sister’s first birthday. Josh was the age of my current resident inutero. Thompson and Midnight Midnightevna were hardly a flicker in their great-great-great-great-great grandmother’s eye.
But our old oven? According to the little sticker on the back, it was being pushed off the assembly line and packed up to begin its long, long life of burning cookies and lop-sided omelettes.

It has gone off to retirement somewhere. In its place sits a “Hotpoint” brand oven – something I’ve only seen in crappy apartments. But it made our homemade veggie burger and french fry dinner just fine.


9 responses to “What were you doing on June 11 1975?

  1. erm…i was wearing polyester, i think. something with a very large collar and garish matching flare bottoms.

    but i’m not over the hill, because hell no! i don’t cook!

    glad you got a new oven.

  2. Hey, if it can cook a decent veggie burger and fries… it sounds awesome!!

    Hmmmm… Well, I would have been five. In June? Celebrating the end of preschool and looking forward to kindergarten, perhaps? Or torturing my younger sister. One of the two.

  3. Holy Cow! That oven was due to go a long time ago. Congrats on the new one. In June of 1975 I was a toddler. Probably also wearing polyester. I’ll tell you what I wasn’t doing… playing with girlie toys. My mom refused to buy me dolls or anything feminine. I can clearly remember playing with wooden toys like I was Amish. Mom didn’t want to create a “helpless” girl. I also had a hotwheels track and car set. These were mine as I had no brothers. I blame her for why I feel so awkward in a dress today.

  4. June 1975? I’m pretty sure I was writing an entry in my blog. Which was small, square, decorated with pink hearts, and said something like “Niobe’s Diary. Top Secret. Keep Out” on the cover.

  5. On that date, I was in Minnesota (home then) on leave from the Navy. It was the first time back in the USA in over a year and a half…and I could have kissed the ground when I landed in San Francisco after flying from Manila. I know I wasn’t thinking veggie burgers at the time but of having a Big Mac for the first time in nearly two years.

    Today though, I’d take a veggie burger over any Big Mac! And I hear your sentiments over the stove. Just let one go that we had since 1986. A lot of memories made over as well as in the oven.

  6. I am SURE I was wearing polyester danskins – anyone remember those? Oh boy. That is a long time for an oven to still be working. When we moved into our house, the dishwasher was from 1971. It lived until just a few years ago. They just don’t make things like that anymore.

  7. Wow. Everyone was around but me. I’m teasing. I wasn’t that far from arriving.

    But yeah, a 32 year old stove. I feel almost bad for having cursed the thing from when we moved in here considering how long it served, and how many different tenants must have abused it.

  8. HA B.! I’m the same way. I’ve been known to have a few chats with my cars before I trade them in. They are usually like this, “I’m so thankful for the many times you never broke down. Like at 2AM on that lonely stretch of Interstate 10. I’m sorry I never gave you super unleaded..” When we got a new fridge in my teens I missed the old one. Like in a way you miss an old friend.

  9. I wasn’t there yet, not even on the way… but my dad recently told me that the oven he still has (and uses) is about as old as I am. So far, only one of the hot plates gave up, and that appears to be a loose connection so it could be fixed.

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