Stuff you don’t want to hear

After spending quite a long time in search of an acceptably uncrowded, internet-providing coffee shop when you live in the college football town from hell, and finally finding a comfortable spot to plant yourself with ample support for your back and legs, it’s less than heartening to overhear one employee shout to the other, “Hey Kristy, we’re out of soap! Both out here and in the bathroom.” Lovely. The guy across from me reading the pediatrics textbooks grimaced as well.Don’t think I’ll be ordering a pastry or another drink today. “Kristy” shushed him – good call but how about also fixing the soap thing.


7 responses to “Stuff you don’t want to hear

  1. Oh, man, this would have killed me! I am finding in this pregnancy I am so crazy about germs. Yeah, no pastries till you see soap again!

  2. Oy is all I’ve got. Good luck.

  3. I was a germophobe before…now, it’s pretty bad. That would have killed me–how can a food service place run out of soap?!

    I have been trying not to think of an article I read lately, that said that medical staff are among the worst at washing their hands. I told myself it can’t be my hospital, but in reality…who knows. Hope that doesn’t freak you out more than the coffee shop thing. And, yeah, stay away from the drinks and pastries til they get a refill!

  4. If you really want cleanliness, I’d eat at home and drink from a bottle anywhere else. I just don’t think you can count on any employee in a restaurant or fast food place as clean (at least not by one’s own standards of it)….and I probably would be less prone to eating any meat. Having said that, I do eat out daily for lunch at the same place generally – two eggs, toast and ice tea lol.

  5. That’s the kind of information that’s probably not so good for business. I would be looking for another coffee place where if they run out of soap, at least they don’t broadcast it. Because, in some cases, ignorance really is bliss.

  6. Exactly, Niobe, but well at least I know that some of the employees at that coffee shop actually think about washing their hands.

  7. Oh that’s just … eeewwww.

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