Funny funny

I was out yesterday after my doctor’s appointment and a stranger walked up to me and commented that it looked like I didn’t have much longer to wait (I know, weird) and asked if I was getting nervous. I responded, “Only about the diapers, that terrifies me,” and turned away. I’m so rude.
Shana Tova u’metucha. (A good and sweet year.) I hope this will be a better one for us all, whether you know what I’m talking about or not.


13 responses to “Funny funny

  1. As usual, you were way too nice. Rude would’ve been to answer “Only about strangers walking up to me and asking me inappropriate questions.”

    Shana Tova u’metucha to you and to all of us.

  2. I love your answer and I share your hope for the year to come.

  3. A good and sweet year sounds pretty darn good to me. I would have run away (waddled) from that stranger as fast as I could. That would have been rude, but that’s what I’m going to be if anyone asks me anything!

  4. Ugh. First, to ask if someone is “nervous” when they have no idea of your pregnancy history is just so offensive. They are probably thinking you really ARE afraid of the frickin’ diapers, and that’s the biggest thing you have to worry about. You were nicer than they deserved.

    Second, why do people feel the need to comment on belly size in ANY pregnancy? It never makes you feel good: either they insinuate you are a fat cow or make you feel like you are too small and must be starving the baby.

  5. I am sure he was clueless what you meant by your response and that he was just attempting to make “small talk”. I am not sure what I would have said, if anything, in that situation. I may have just smiled.

  6. Yes, weird for a stranger to come up and say that much.

    I agree with all that has been said, and especially about commenting on belly size. I HATE that!! I am short and so my pregnant belly always went straight out, and looked huge (you can imagine how I looked with twins!). In my pregnancy with Baby Girl, I had strangers say to me more than once, “are you sure you don’t have more than one in there?” You can imagine how fun that was!!!

  7. May you be inscribed for a sweet new year.

  8. Hoping indeed for a good and sweet and joy filled year for you.

  9. Hoping the same for you. I fear I would not have been as polite as you to that woman. In fact I would have said something like “well, my last baby died, so yeah, I am a bit nervous.”. And then I would have felt bad about it.

  10. just checking in on you….not because i post with ANY regularity, but you do, so i was afeared you’d gone back to smite that woman. 🙂

    all okay?

  11. Thanks Bon. I’m fine – just can’t think of anything to say given the confluence of holidays & friends here from out-of-town to meet with their advisers…. Maybe tomorrow.All is physically fine, just a bit moody and anxious as usual.

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