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He is trying to push me over the edge, I swear. The freaking placenta is still preventing me from feeling much. Today at my weekly progesterone appointment I asked for the doppler because I barely felt him at all Sun & Mon. He’s fine, kicking away too from the sound of it. I’m doing the big glasses of cold juice. I’m doing the lie on the side with the hands on my belly. The nurse suggested putting music next to my belly to try to coax him to move to where I can feel him.

Any other thoughts? A doppler’s rather an expensive thing for us to consider & a possible stressor for me if it doesn’t work well – which it doesn’t because he goes crazy when you put in on my belly and so you know he’s alive but have a nearly impossible time getting a HB (we’re under a serious budget constraint – although I might talk to Dr. K about it next Tuesday if he’s still driving me nuts.)  If anyone else has experienced this, I’d love to know what worked to calm your nerves.

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  1. i found renting the doppler helped ($30 a month, i think). You might ask if insurance would cover it, if the dr actually prescribed one….good luck!

  2. I am with Kate– renting a doppler should be a lot cheaper than buying it. And it is a good idea to check with insurance.

  3. I know nothing about it, but would there be any problems with a doppler working because of the position of the placenta?

  4. Yeah, Niobe, that’s a big part of the problem. So that’s why, in addition to the cost, I’m wary of getting one. Honestly, Dr. K is the only person who easily and quickly finds him. I’m not sure why that is. I try to point out to anyone else exactly where she usually gets him but it’s still a trial….If I could just bring her and the doppler home with me! Or just bring the fetal heart monitor home from the L&D dept. That works well too.

  5. You know, I keep thinking they should make a fetal heart monitor gadget that affixes to the belly but sends the readout wirelessly to a wrist-watch like device. Wouldn’t that make us all so much less anxious?

  6. Oh, I wish I had wonderful words of wisdom for you. I do want you to know you are not alone, baby girl has a mind of her own for sure, and will give me loooooong stretches of quiet that get me jumping out of my skin. She doesn’t even always respond to the cold juice, lie on side thing. She kicks when she wants to, and that is that!

    I did end up purchasing the babycom doppler, it was 150 dollars and i charged it. I’m not normally a credit card girl, but i just had to. Like others said, there is always the rent option, too. But, if it is hard to even find the hb at the doctors, don’t know that that will do you any good anyway.

    How often do you see the doc? Is it possible to discuss your movement issues and come up with a plan that lets you come in more often, just long enough for a heartbeat check? I know that would a lot to ask for and I don’t know if you are, like me, not as assertive as I would like with the doc. But it would really help to have some options available to you. I know how hard this is, I hear other pg. woman talk about the regularity of movement, and my heart sinks. Then I proceed to poke my belly until I get something! Good luck, B, maybe try a litte stern talk with your little guy, tell him he has just got try harder, to help calm his mom?

  7. I’m kind of with Ms.G on this. I worry about home dopplers because they might not work or your might not find the heartbeat and then what? Stress! Much better to find out if you can come in to see the nurse when you want and if there is a problem finding the HB then they can check with the US machine.

    The other alternative, since you are so far along, is a stethoscope. Low-tech, but at your stage, works perfectly, really. Can your doc loan you one, or maybe you guys could get one cheap or secondhand from a medical supply store or pharmacy? Then just get your doc to show you all the perfect positions.

  8. I swear IF I had bought a doppler (I seriously thought about it as I found a place that sold “gently used” ones for 350 bucks), I would send it to you right now. I can feel the para-trooper a few times a day–though I do have some long stretches of nothing too. But I know that the doppler wouldn’t really help me, because I can feel quite a bit.

    It’s unfair with all your worries that you don’t get the reassurance of a kick here and there. It does help cut down on the number of minutes (or hours) I spend obsessing/worrying about all of this!

    I think Aurelia’s suggestion of the stethoscope sounds promising too. I had never thought of that!

  9. Oh I forgot to ask you–I know this is off topic, but do your parents really get actual catered food for their dog–or were you being funny? I think that might be worse than sending your dog hiking in the country. Of course, we also got swimming lessons for him…and he’s a water dog (so maybe that takes the cake?)

  10. I wasn’t kidding! My parents do have catered pet food.
    Swimming lessons? I don’t know. I think that does take the cake.

  11. Well, I can’t say that I have experience with home dopplers, but I have read about them. And about a doc in new orleans who in fact has set up a system for women to have the doppler at home and the doppler is hooked to a machine that sends the read-out to his blackberry. I was obsessed over this months ago, BUT this can only cause so much more stress to you! How about putting headphones to your belly, with some beethoven, some sigur ros…..or anything else you would like baby to hear (Led Zepplin!)….see what gets baby moving. I loved putting headphones to my belly when I worked, when I was pregnant with Birdie, and she did move when she heard it! It was so funny to feel her move from hearing the music……

  12. So far, Weird Al has not worked, and I’m opposed to the whole baby classical music fad. But maybe we’ll try the headphones again with something else.

  13. I considered renting a doppler too, but in the end I decided against it because I was afraid what would happen if I faild to find the HB. However Critter’s plancenta is on the back wall of the uterus. I wanted to rent it for those stretches when he is quiet. I just do my kick counts very regulary and that has been ok. Sure, there have been times when I panicked, but right before we decided to go to the ER, he has moved. I have alos found the positions that get him to move and it helps to drink something. Also, when I talk loudly, he moves. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  14. The doppler’s not the perfect solution. Since bean has an irregular hb, the last two times I’ve listened at home have actually been unsettling. He’s been a great and regular kicker, so that’s what I have to go by now. I wish I had an answer for you. How often are you being seen now? I’m already up to twice weekly, not that you should wait for a dr’s appt, but at least you would have those times of reassurance.

  15. I’m thinking I want to take Aurelia’s advice and use a stethoscope. Cheaper, and I really just want to hear sound. I don’t need to count the beats. Maybe. We’ll see.

    I see the doctor every two weeks, with weekly visits with a nurse for the progesterone shots. I think, if this doesn’t improve by the end of the week, I’ll ask about making a doppler part of that weekly visit. Or ask every time – the nurse was very obliging today.

  16. Erin, that’s Dr. Collins & he works mostly with patients who have cord issues. But yes that is what he does. The website is i *think*. I like the idea of the headphones! My boys really liked surf guitar…i had forgotten about that. Dale’s Misirlou really got ’em going…

    Julia, actually there is a device like that in development but i don’t think it is available yet. I will try to locate the link…

  17. sorry, it’s and i can’t find the other link…and i have to stop procrastinating now LOL

  18. Catherine Collins

    Definitely go to

    That is the correct website, and it is my dad’s website and research.

    He has multiple monitors through his not-for-profit company used to monitor patients at risk.

    His e-mail address is on the website and it is (that is haydel with an “L” and then the number “1”). He responds to everyone that e-mails him very quickly, even if you simply need reassurance.

  19. Thanks, Catherine, but my baby was thank G-d already born safely but maybe your message will help someone elsee.

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