Warning: the next paragraph is gross.

Josh just left to go to the grocery store, and as if on demand, Midnight threw up in the hallway. I don’t know what it is, but probably 2 out of every 3 times he leaves the house, one of the cats vomits. And of course I cannot really handle cleaning up cat puke. Because first of all it”s on the floor and I can’t get down on all fours so easily, second, I’ll probably get sick myself, third, I never asked the doctor whether the prohibition on cleaning cat waste while pregnant includes their regurgitated tuna. Un/fortunately, in case you don’t know, if you don’t immediately rush to clean it up yourself, the other cat will surely do (eat) it for you. That’s also pleasant for the easily nauseated bystander.

My big question is though: why? What is it about his leaving the house lately that upsets them so deeply? Do they have some sort of memory of how he was gone, and we were alone, when the bad thing started last time? Are they so upset about the lack of a lap to rest on they make themselves sick? Are they jealous of his ability to traverse the public world? Or worried that he won’t be coming back.

Anyway, actually, I’m sure it’s nothing. They do it while he’s home as well. So the real question is just a more general one, why are our cats getting sick so often lately? Good thing it’s almost time for their annual.

I am tired. But fairly content and at ease. While no one was looking last week, I entered the third trimester. Yikes. We’ll see how that goes.

The holidays were tough. When I checked out Niobe’s blog just now, I learned she’d asked the same question I have been thinking at times these past 10 days: “when and how does G-d atone for his sins against us?” Sacrilegious of me? I don’t know. Maybe. But these are the thoughts grief brings, and there really are no answers.

2 responses to “Inexplicable

  1. B, I too was going to link to Niobe’s post because it is so spot on!!! As for cat vomit, I’ve actually posted about that too! My big issue is why do they always puke on the carpet instead of the tile. My cat can start heaving (sorry) on a massive stretch of tile, but when she actually coughs up the ball or food, it is always on carpet, which is much harder to clean. I don’t think it has anything to do with them sensing something is wrong with your pregnancy. It could just be the time of year (late summer shedding) or allergies. My cat went through a spell a few months back. Then there is the obvious. They are cats. They don’t do what we want.

    I told DH the ban also applies to vomit so I wouldn’t have to clean it. IS that wrong?

  2. Oh gosh Monica. I was inferring that the cats were having some sort of post-traumatic stress response/memory, not sensing something wrong! I’ll forget that possibility’s available….Josh pointed out that they’ve been vomiting while he’s here too. We just got them new soft food so we’ll stop that and see what happens. Hair and seasons and the return of the box elders are also possible culprits I suppose. Aurelia, I bet, will thank her lucky stars once again for not having a cat if she reads this….

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