Room 7 has no internet access

Another tidbit for you about my last 36 hours.

Summary will be brief because I didn’t sleep last night. But I’m home, and hoping to stay here for awhile. Basically, it seems we are moving towards an early labor, but how early is anyone’s guess. 30 weeks will be here Saturday. Survival rates are more than 90% at this hospital at this point, with 80-90% of the surviving babies suffering little to no longterm problems. Every day is better and we’re in a slow race against time. Hoping we will progress to labor slowly, but that time will pass quickly. If I am not contracting, my cervix is still over 3.1 cm, but when I am it goes down to 2.2. Doctors don’t think it’s significant unless it stays at that lower number. So cross your fingers for us. Nifedipine stopped the regular contractions, with some low blood pressure/fast heart rate issues but no crashing.

Non-medical summary of my feelings about my hospital stay: The nurse who “took care of” me from 7am to 7pm asked me at 6:15pm why I’d come into the hospital. A nutritionist came to talk to me at 5pm about the interactions of the drugs I’m on for high blood pressure/threatened pre-eclampsia and certain foods. Don’t worry, you haven’t misunderstood me – I have neither hpb or threatened pre-eclampsia. And I’m not on any drugs for them. But she assured me I was – patients are often unaware of their medications. Somehow magically hospital salad, mac & cheese, and waffles can all taste exactly the same. When we were leaving the nurse called out “congratulations” to us right as we passed a man in the hallway crying.

At least I know they have an excellent NICU…..

More tomorrow if I have the energy and no new developments. I’ll also try to write personal emails.


15 responses to “Room 7 has no internet access

  1. Oh dear… I’m cringing here. I am glad though that you feel comfortable with the NICU at this hospital. That is very important at this point.

    I am thinking every good thought I can that you will sail past 30 weeks, and get further than anyone expects right now. I am still setting my sights on 34 weeks and beyond!!

  2. Oh Beruriah ~ I am so glad to hear that you are home, but the staff!! Please know that I am keeping you three in my prayers … that your wee one remains safely ensconced in your womb for at least another four weeks, and that the time between now and his birth passes both swiftly and as healthily as possible.

    Hope you have a really good night’s sleep. Take care.

  3. Geez, what the…? Are they competing for “most clueless staff” award? Because they seem to have that one in the bag.
    Uneventful days, lots and lots of uneventful days for you.
    Get some sleep.

  4. Yikes. I’m so sorry the contractions keep coming. Did you come home with an RX for something to take, or are you just supposed to go straight back to L&D triage if that happens?

    I think nifedipine’s FDA-approved use is for treatment of high blood pressure. Stopping contrax is an off-label use. But since they conceivably get patients in L&D who use it for both preeclampsia treatment and preterm labor, you’d think the nurse could READ THE FRICKIN’ CHART before she made assumptions. Seriously.

    This just sucks. You are worried enough about the preterm labor and ought not to have to also entertain worries about the quality of the hospital staff.

    Sending positive stay-in-there-baby vibes your way.

  5. You know how I rant, so you know what I am thinking right now! I know you have other things on your mind, but if you feel like letting patient relations know what happened, it could be—stress relieving, hehe.

    Take care, feet up, type slow.

  6. It’s awfully nice of you to keep us updated. On the whole, it sounds like pretty good news. Well, except for the horrible hospital. But I’m very glad to hear that they have an excellent NICU, though, like everyone else, I’m hoping you won’t need to use it.

  7. Fingers crossed for some more contraction-free weeks. And better staff, should you need them.

  8. Wow — that hospital sounds like a comedy of errors. I hope labor holds off long enough so that you can deliver at the new hospital!

  9. Here’s hoping for at least two more weeks and as many more as the universe is handing out. Thanks for the update – you must be wrung out and the negative intellegence of the hospital staff must have left you practically unconscious! Rest well 🙂

    – Jill –

  10. I absolutely will not accept 30 weeks as your goal. You are NOT allowed to do this. Do you hear me?

    Thinking good thoughts and sending no-contractions vibes your way. Now go get some sleep. {{{hugs}}}

  11. I’m so glad you are o.k. I’m sorry the hospital is full of idiots, but it is good that the NICU is excellent. I am praying all will go well and there won’t be a need to use it. Stay positive, I know it’s all going to be o.k.

  12. Off to my doc soon – I slept soooo well last night – that’s good on all fronts. Wabi – yeah, I figured that out about the nifedipine after she left. Idiot. what drugs, does anyone know, can they send me home on? I’ll ask my doc in any case. I think they disagree with old hospital about how activist we should be here.

    Thanks all, esp Meg, your kind thoughts are really helping. 32 weeks is my goal, if we make it, then 34…so on.

  13. Glad you’re home and away from those idiots, B.

  14. YOU CAN DO THIS GIRL! HEY contractions leave her alone!
    Thinking of you and keeping my fingers, arms and legs crossed!

  15. oy. the part about the nurse calling out “congratulations” – to a still pregnant woman – over the head of a man crying just broke my heart.

    but the NICU is good and that’s what matters, if you should have to go back to that stupid hospital again. i will gather all the energy i can to send your way in hopes that you don’t, not at all, that you and the wee one can hit 34 and sail on home safe and sound from the new hospital, where there are NO idiots and the food will be scrumptious. right?

    but whatever unfolds, every day counts right now and 30 weeks is pretty good. am thinking of you, hard.

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