Still at home

Thanks, all, really for your support and kind thoughts.

My appointment with Dr. K was very comforting. She said she would not have sent me home from new hospital could they have me there but didn’t send me back to old hospital. She doesn’t want me to keep going and getting sent home by them if we can help it at all. That’s not so good for stress levels. So she sent me home with 10 mg of nifedipine/6 hrs to start if contractions pick up again and she’s going to consult with the rest of the team about whether to do it regardless of how the contractions act and get back to me. Cervix is now soft and 2.8cm but the stitch is holding firm. She said the old hospital doctors would probably not agree with her decision re: drugs but oh well. 10 mg shouldn’t give me problems since I did okay on 20 and she trusts that I know my body well enough to recognize problems. And while they’re probably right that preterm labor is going to come if it’s going to come regardless of the drugs, the nifedipine will make the time leading up to it less chaotic and the actual arrival of labor clearer to all. And it will allow me to rest more. She politely said basically that she and her team are more able to concern themselves with the whole patient and my, uh, particular experiences and concerns. Medically care is good at both places.

Contractions were basically gone, now erratically ranging from 20 minutes to an hour apart. And they’re weak. At the worst they were 3-5 minutes apart and making me sick.

Dr. K also emphasized how well babies do from here on out at the old hospital’s NICU. So she’s not terribly alarmed or worried as much as she’d like to stay in charge and deliver our baby.

I’m reading blogs but typing is hard from my side!


3 responses to “Still at home

  1. be well, and rest. sounds like Dr. K is hearing you, which makes me happy.

    am i right in thinking – in the midst of all this drama – that it was nine months ago that Natan was born? just wanted to honour that…

  2. Thinking of you, and hoping you are getting some rest somehow.

    I’m glad you have one thoughtful doctor in your corner! It’s great the medical care is good at either place, but I should would like to see some improvements in “whole patient care” at Old Hospital!

    Don’t worry about commenting right now for heaven’s sake!! No typing, just rest!!

  3. I like Dr.K. A LOT. Sounds like my kind of Doc. And honestly, DON’T comment if you can’t. Just take it slow and easy, type “hi” and that’s it. 🙂

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