Now that’s a good one

Special treat for today? Kidney stones.

Blindingly painful can’t speak walk or breathe during an attack kidney stones.

I had small ones right after the cerclage, but I can’t remember if I complained about them then. This time though. Holy shit they hurt.

But as we learned in the hospital, nifedipine is an “off-brand” treatment for stones as well as PTL so I’m all set.

And yes I’m flipping hydrated. My urine is clear.

I got an extra trans-vag and poke in the cervix though while they figured out wtf was going on. Still 2.8cm but we have a very small funnel. The doc said she wouldn’t consider that a progression to worry about. This doc we haven’t seen in this pregnancy but she remembers us from Natan and was very kind. She said she’d be shocked if we made it to term but thinks 34 weeks is possible yet. She was glad Dr. K had me on nifedipine.

Because I’m in so much pain today it’s hard to express how happy this all made me.  Yay for small doses of nifedipine.  Considering I haven’t had a real contraction since Thursday now, my non-professional opinion is that it is indeed working.


11 responses to “Now that’s a good one

  1. Universe? You listening? Leave Beruriah alone.Let her gestate in peace, please.
    The kidney stones sound excruciating but what otherwise good news: 34 weeks!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry about the stones. That’s awful.

    34 weeks would indeed be wonderful! I hope the stones pass shortly and then you can hunker down and have at least one more month of baking time with the wee one.

  3. Well, I’m glad to check in and to see that kidney stones are the only development. Ugggh, NOT. I’m really hoping that they pass quickly.

  4. Hiss for the kidney stones. Seriously, hissssssss.
    4 more weeks. 4 more weeks. 4 more weeks. Hopefully, pain-free.

  5. Kidney stones? Seriously? Booooo! Hang in there.

  6. Well, I’m awfullyy glad nifedipine treats both PTL and kidney stones. Still, how fricking unfair is that? As if you don’t have enough drama going on at the momennt, your body seems to have decided to torture you with a little blindingly intense pain.

  7. Funny you mention kidney stones, that’s what sent my other SIL into labour at 34 weeks. Everything turned out fine btw, my niece is taller than me now and beautiful and brilliant.

    Is there any other way of controlling the kidney stones besides nifedipine? So they don’t irritate your uterus again?

  8. Kidney stones on top of everything else?! I hope you’re in less pain today. Take care.

  9. That sucks so bad that you have had to experience (painful) kidney stones when you are already dealing with enough. I’m thinking of you and sending all of the pain-free and calm-uterus/closed-cervix energy I can.

  10. Thanks all. Yeah, the nurse-midwife mentioned that in very very rare cases kidney stones can cause PTL. Nice. No, they said there’s nothing more they can do for them during a pregnancy than wait for them to pass and prescribe pain meds. My other option besides waiting at home for it/them to pass would be to wait it out at the hospital. I decided that I’d rather bear it at home than there attached to an IV and monitors. I need to preserve some veins for an emergency. So far, I’m surviving.

  11. oh, ugh, boo hiss, ouch! That SUCKS! Hope the pain will stop soon! Glad to hear the 34 weeks though.

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