Another week, another trip to the hospital

Unable to get to sleep until past midnight last night because the baby was kicking so much, I then woke up at a little past one with a series of contractions, the full-on strangling kind, about 4-8 minutes apart. At 3am, I decided I’d had enough to justify a trip to L&D – less than 12 hours before my next doctor’s appointment. I had been so excited yesterday to be able to tell Dr. K there’d been no trips to the hospital since last we saw each other. Oh well. Not only were the contractions close together, I felt horrible in between them. I called to say we’d be coming since they are nicer when you do that at Old Hospital. The woman on the phone kept saying, “And if your doctor is at New Hospital why are you calling here?” I was getting annoyed, she said, “You don’t sound good,” to which I responded, “Because I feel like crap.” At that she finally granted me permission to drive over.

We get there, get a few lovely ones measured on the machine, and the nurse-midwife on duty comes to do an exam. She says I’m a finger dilated and that she feels some pressure on the cerclage. I remain calm. The doctor comes in, tells me, “Honestly, I don’t know what that means since I didn’t do the exam.” And then proceeds to do her own exam and cervical measurement with an ultrasound. I’m not sure what that means exactly, and what was the point then to the midwife’s exam other than doubling the misery for me. Because a cervical exam when you’re contracting? And the cervix is soft? It freaking hurts.

Oh, and before I forget, I should mention that I had to answer the question, “How is your preterm baby born in January doing?” twice. Whoops. Wish I’d had the mind to answer, “You’ll have to ask G-d that question, thanks.” Really, I mean, I trust nurses and doctors. I like them. I’d understand these questions from other people in other places, but I gave birth in that hospital. Read a little closer folks. And for Josh’s sake, and others I’m sure, employees need to stop saying congratulations to every visitor on his/her way to L&D.

In the meantime, I had my nifedipine a bit early and a bag of IV fluids. The contractions slowed. The ultrasound showed the cervix nice and long – almost 3cm – with no funnel. So it’s holding up. Ultimately, as Josh said, “we won again.” Especially with a negative fetal fibronectin result, ptl is not on the horizon. I will almost definitely make it to 34 weeks.

Of course the doc tells me to stay hydrated, which leads us up to my preparation for this afternoon’s doctor’s appointment. I am hydrated. I am drinking roughly 300 ounces of fluid a day – but not over-hydrating myself. That’s what I need to keep my urine of the desired color and to keep myself safe from a headache and incredible thirst. That’s a lot more water than most people need. So did the contractions start again because I can’t very well drink a thermos of water an hour while asleep? The doctors at the Old Hospital seemed uninterested in that question. Thanks to Aurelia and Julia though, I’m going to push it at the doctor’s office today. It’s possibly a form of diabetes not tested for with basic tests. Which would give me a possible reason for all of this. I’m not excited to have diabetes, but I would like to have some idea of a reason.

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16 responses to “Another week, another trip to the hospital

  1. I am thankful you “won again”, but sorry that the drama and scares continue. It is wonderful though that 34 weeks is on the horizon!! Just blow right past it, okay?

    I am so sorry you were asked the wrong sorts of questions about Natan. There really isn’t a lot of excuse for not reading the chart more carefully- especially when they were at least aware he was preterm.

    I hope you get some answers at your appointment today. Keep us posted!

  2. It boggles the mind how they could know Natan was preterm, but nothing more and therefor ask how he is doing. I’m so sorry.

  3. Oh. My. God. Do you need to wear a freaking pin on your hospital gown that says “LAST BABY DIED, THANKS FOR ASKING!” to get them to read your chart?

    And how many weeks away is week 34 now?

    Thinking of you lots and hoping your cervix stays put until New Hospital is an option.

  4. Geez oh man! I am glad everything is OK. And yeah, that would make sense about diabetes….a reason would be very good.

    And those doctors SUCK, i can’t believe they asked that. Heh, i like Wabi’s solution!

  5. Phew. I am relieved everything is still okay and that you’ll make it to 34 weeks.

    Dumb idiot question at the hospital. I just can’t believe they asked that. Ugh.

  6. You keep scaring not only yourselves, but also all of us. So glad that no ptl is on the horizon, while, on the other hand, 34 weeks is.

  7. Idiot questions.
    Maybe Wabi can start a business and print those buttons for all of us. Although I have to be fair– nobody at my hospital has been that stupid, but then again I haven’t been back with the sub-pregnancy…

    Waiting for that Dr.K report later on. Hope it goes well.

  8. So glad everything is okay. The Old Hospital really does suck! Wow! I had a u/s tech recently ask if this pregnancy was my first and then answer the question herself by asserting, “Oh, you do have other children, right?” For the sake of my blood pressure, I quetly corrected her instead of freaking out. But people, read the chart!

    Good luck at the doc today!

  9. Sorry to scare you Niobe! We did talk with Dr. K about more specifics of when to begin really worrying now that I’m fairly safely along. Before the standard was more than 4 an hour after drinking water. Now I can take my nifedipine dose early if I have another episode like last night and then wait an hour to see if that works before making the call to go in, since my cervix is holding up so well. So two hours of 6 contractions an hour. That’s good news, because it might surprise everyone to know I don’t enjoy these visits to the Old Hospital.

    Oh Wabi, I’m 32w 3d today. Yay!

  10. I’m glad 34 weeks is do-able! I cannot believe how little doctors and nurses read our charts. I do think the pin might be a good idea. Can you remember how just month ago you were looking to make it to 32 weeks and now you are past that? You are doing great!!

  11. Ack, why can’t people stop being so stupid? I’m feeling very old and crotchety (sp?) because I’m so impatient.

    I’m so happy with Josh, the baby’s and your progress.

  12. 34 weeks!

    34 weeks!

    I can’t wait for 34, but to be honest 32 weeks kicks butt too. What happened at your PCP’s office today?

  13. i am relieved that the nif. is working. i check on you several times a day and pray that little miss cvx behaves till 34 w and beyond. (sorry so archaic, typing with left hand; patrami sammy in the other)

  14. pastrami. yum! oh sorry you are a veg right!

  15. 34 WEEKS! Your nearly there babe!
    WTF with the questions you were asked! I think I would have slapped some people!
    I also check on you several times a day! I am thinking about you so much….=)

  16. Thinking of you, Beruriah. So glad that 34 weeks is on the horizon.

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