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Back to our regularly scheduled posting…Fine doctor’s appointment this afternoon. We had a fetal NST because I didn’t feel him much this morning but once again he revealed that he moves quite a bit more than I can feel. Sometimes he gets himself in a position where I can really feel his movement, sometimes not. I will be so glad when there’s no longer a placenta blocking him from me (and all that other stuff too). Which might be very soon.

Dr. K said that if she feels any tension or if I have dilated at all at next week’s appointment (Wednesday, 10am) she will remove the cerclage and take me off nife.dipine right then and there! Otherwise we will wait until the following Tuesday.  We of course have no idea what will happen in either case, but I could be in labor a week from right now. Ack.

That’d actually be okay. It’d be better than labor over that following weekend because unfortunately Josh has to be at a conference in New Orleans then. Bad timing, we know, but it’s unavoidable, he has to go. We have, if I still have the cerclage in and am on the nife.dipine, arranged for a friend to stay with me over the weekend. Not sure what we’re going to do if the cerclage comes out and the drugs stop. Clearly Dr. K is right that the cerclage needs to come out if it’s at risk. So we think we’re going to ask his mom to come in that case. My mom, as well meaning as she may be, would not be the best partner during labor. She does not do well around blood or with pain, and really, really thinks that every woman should just have a c-section. As does my sister. Josh’s mom is more laid-back and had asked anyway a while ago if she could be there. I said no then – I’d prefer just Josh be there – but we shall see. I know we had discussed doulas here, but after a lot of thought I decided I’d really rather just be with loved ones beyond the medical personnel. Especially now that I’m going to definitely be at New Hospital, I feel extremely comfortable with the hospital staff.

We shall see. Hopefully this baby won’t decide to arrive during Josh’s 48-hour absence.


11 responses to “At your convenience

  1. just read your post…things are sounding good. i will be on the edge of my seat for the next week, waiting to see what doc says at your next apt! thinking of you and sending love!

  2. You are getting really close. Wow.

    Obviously if you NEED to have the baby when Josh is away, then everyone is going to proceed like gangbusters down that path and make the best of it. But, it would be a shame for your OB to inadvertanty nudge you in that direction if things could stay in a holding pattern (even a closely observed, in-hospital holding pattern) for an extra 4-5 days after that next appointment.

    So … in case the OB doesn’t know about the trip already, I’d just suggest you tell her about it next appointment before she changes any aspect of your treatment. It’s important information that should factor into non-emergency type decisions. Lord knows, you and Josh deserve to be together when this little guy enters the world.

    Sending your cervix and uterus stay-calm vibes for the coming week.

  3. Thanks Wabi. I should have mentioned – She does know about the trip and that’s why she’d like to push it until after Josh gets back but she’s worried 36.5 weeks might be pushing it too far. We shall see….

  4. next week is close, but at almost 36 weeks sounds pretty ok.
    After Josh gets back sounds even better.

    Hope your mom won’t mind if you ask Josh’s mom to come. That one can be tricky.

  5. Wow. You really do sound prepared even though (from my faraway perspective anyway) things do seem to be happening very fast now.

  6. so, when would they normally remove the cerclage…? 36 weeks? which turns out to be days before Josh’s trip?

    i see how this adds together to unfortunate timing.

    you do sound all good & prepared and ready, though, which is a fine thing, whenever he decides to come from here on out. 🙂

    thinking of you every day.

  7. Ditto. Ack. I hope the timing and all works out.

  8. Thanks all.

    Bon, the cerclage normally does come out at 36 weeks. For me that falls on Saturday, November 17th. Josh will be gone Friday through Sunday. She’s wary of waiting too long past 36 weeks, but hopefully we’ll be able to wait until 36w 4d (the next Tuesday).

  9. well, since Friday, November 23rd is my Dave’s birthday, then i totally and irrelevantly vote for waiting til 36w 4d…and then seeing if wee one can take a coupla days on his way out.

    because, you know, it’s a very noble birthday, Dave wants me to assure you.

  10. Haha. I’ll try, Bon. What’s funny is that in the past week or so at least a half-dozen people have asked if they could share a birthday with this little guy. I didn’t realize November/December were such busy birth months among my friends and family!

  11. I don’t know if the following applies in a cerclage case, but a friend of mine was on strict bedrest for 25 weeks (starting at week 15) with her second pregnancy. She was finally induced at 39 weeks. Obviously your situation is different, but hopefully you won’t end up going long!

    (Another friend had to have her cerclage removed IN labor (at 34 weeks) because her water broke and they finally decided that she was going to deliver then. She survived though.)

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