Good for me

I loaded the dishwasher today. Very exciting. I am still on a reduced activity/modified bed rest routine but it’s getting ever more difficult to restrain my desire to clean and arrange. Not to say that Josh isn’t doing very well at doing everything, but I still want to clean the bathroom, the kitchen, the walls, the blinds, and rearrange drawers and closets that don’t really need it.

If I have the cerclage removed on Wednesday, Josh’s mom is driving up on Thursday to be with me while he’s at the conference. Thinking about labor reminds me – Mary is being induced tonight. Think of her, her husband, and their new little boy.


7 responses to “Good for me

  1. Wow. Good for you. A healthy amount of distance can be a very, very good thing- especially in families. Your intuition and self-awareness amaze me.

  2. good for you, indeed…and not just on loading the dishwasher. i think it takes great courage to demand what you need, to insist upon your right to speak painful things when the family culture around you is one that swallows those words and prefers silence and rewritten histories.

    i wonder how many of us are drawn to history, academically, professionally, because of trying to paste together our own?

  3. Don’t stop talking about it — we go crazy when we can’t speak the truth or when that truth is denied.

  4. Yes, good for you indeed, in many ways 😉

  5. Well, your intro into history is certainly more sexy and meaningful than mine — here I was a mystery nut who stumbled upon the profesison where I could read other people’s journals, diaries and mail! Whee! I digress: I’m joing in the Good/You crowd, because I rather like it when someone becomes a bit of a grief activist and wears it on their sleeve. I’m not sure I’m there yet, still a bit fragile and concerned about other people’s feelings (I know, I know), but I aspire to it. I also hope your sister found help, becuase wow.

  6. yes, good for you on both accounts. no more sweeping under the rug, and no longer the wallflower you learned to be. i love that term, “grief activist.”

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