Rewriting History

A very close friend of mine said yesterday that she hopes at some point I’ll be able to look back on this pregnancy somewhat fondly.

I said I hope so too, and sure enough, it is possible.

Last evening, I drove myself to the yarn store (yay! for increased activity). I spotted in the back seat, an artifact from earlier days in the pregnancy. A pink bucket from one of our many early visits to L&D, kept there just in case my morning sickness became motion sickness. And, without qualification, I laughed at the memories. I guess, if I’m honest, it was more of a, “phew, I’m so glad that’s over,” than a, “Oh what happy times,” laugh, but it was there none the less.


We have a new reason for this baby to wait a bit longer to be born. Our digital camera broke, and we’re awaiting the arrival of its replacement via Ebay. Otherwise I’d put up a link to my growing collection of crochet projects.

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9 responses to “Rewriting History

  1. I like how you titled this. I have wondered, if this pg. ends well, will I forget how stressful it was? Like what they say about labor, you forget the pain, and become willing to do it again? I am so glad you are getting to have increased activity, (although houswork at this point would really be too much, don’t you think? wink, wink :))

  2. The good thing is that it won’t really matter whether you do or don’t. I look back on my pregnancy with Pumpkin fondly because she was the result. But I have not forgotten for one minute how stressful and worrisome it felt. Perhaps you will be able to be happy for the journey that brought your second son to you, even while never forgetting the emotional and physical cost.

  3. I am checking in here all the time to see if you’ve had the baby yet or not!

  4. Thanks, Lori. I certainly know your love and attachment to Pumpkin isn’t compromised in any way. I can only hope to be as good and loving a mom as you.

    Rosepetal – well as anxious as I am, I am happy to keep disappointing you for the next 8 days.

  5. Ditto Lori. I can’t forget the stress of having Mac, but ohhh, his healthy existence made it all better.

  6. B- I will be away until Thursday. I will be checking in as soon as I return to see if there have been any exciting, and HAPPY, developments!

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. I’ve had a couple people suggest to me that maybe I should revisit my last pregnancy with an eye toward remembering it as “time together”, but right now it’s just wasted time, time I’d like to erase from my memory altogether. So I can imagine the reverse is true: hard to turn something so stressful into a positive, despite a good outcome and 20/20 hindsight. Personal History’s a bitch, that way. Let me put it this way: I certainly wouldn’t put guilt or pressure on yourself to rewrite it as a bed of roses. Each era is it’s own chapter, so let’s just see what transpires next, eh? Will be checking in all week as well. Best to you!

  8. yes, you absolutely must wait for the camera!!
    Honestly, when I had my son 7 years ago(7! wow) I looked back and still do as whew I’m glad that’s over most of the time and I didn’t have any worries like you did or like I feel now. Most of pregnancy is just something to get passed. albeit you have much more than physical aspects making you feel that way. Good Luck & thinking of you guys.

  9. Erin, Birdies Mama


    oh yah, you need that camera!

    Can you believe it…..your so close now sweetie. I am on the edge of my seat everyday waiting for news from you.

    Its so great that you are crocheting so much….are you on Ravelry? fyi, in the future, i could get you a gig writing a column in a crochet newsletter……=)

    If your on ravelry let me know…=)

    Sending love!

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