Showering in my sleep

Not really, but I apparently have discovered the pleasures of night sweats. After spending midnight to 1am wondering if my mild contractions were going to turn into something significant, I finally fell asleep.* About an hour later, I woke up wondering if it was raining in our room. I was soaking wet, head to toe, as was my spot in the bed. Never one to ignore the wonders of bodily excretions, I woke up Josh, “Sweetie, touch me! I’m soaking wet.” After telling me that was disgusting, he rolled over and didn’t remember it at all this morning. I had to commiserate over estrogen with Tom the Cat as I cleaned up. He’s always happy for 2am bathroom conversation.

So that’s what’s going on with me today. No baby yet. No digital camera either. I’m still hopeful the latter will precede the former.

*I’ve been off nifedipine since my last dose Sunday night, so I expected this increase in uterine activity. My contractions are weird – although my uterus does become as hard as my forehead (a “marker” in my book of a stronger than Braxton-Hicks type activity), it hasn’t hurt so far but I get an intense strangling sensation and a head rush right before it peaks that makes me wonder if I’ll be able to think clearly at all during labor. No wonder I saw things/hallucinated during Natan’s birth. This feeling plus the pain of active-labor contractions is a lovely experience.

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11 responses to “Showering in my sleep

  1. That’s funny, your footnote is almost as long as your post. The mark of a true historian. And by the way, I don’t think I was really awake when I said that.

  2. Thinking of you both, of Natan and of the new one.

  3. have you had some really good photos taken of you? even though my last pregnancy was hellish and terrifying, i wanted professional photos taken of me so i could have a memory that was beautiful. they came out great. i am so glad i have them. they arent corny. they are black and white. i dont have any big grins. they kind of capture a moment of contemplative celebration of the live baby in my belly.

  4. Erin, Birdies Mama

    That is such a great suggestion! Do you have photos of yourself?
    Perhaps it would be worth calling a (female?) professional photographer (who specializes in pregnancy photography) in your area to take some photos of you. If I lived closer (not even sure where the heck you are darlin!) I would drive to you and take them for you!

  5. (Josh has me giggling. ) Prelabor! Whee!

  6. My thoughts are with you. How many wks are you now?

  7. I just wanted to tell you both how happy I am to be reading these posts with the little guy still nestled away. I had a dream two nights ago that I got onto your blog page and there was a note in big purple letters – HE’S HERE! It was such a vivid dream that when I woke up I told my husband that your baby was here and he was beautiful…he of course thought I was nuts. Not quite as dramatic as the night sweats, but still…

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. i gotta say i’m with Josh on his assessment of the night sweats, but i am so happy all is well and he’s back from his trip (he is, right?) and now all you’re waiting for is the camera. that’s a damn fine situation to be in, and i’m delighted for you.

    thinking of you often, all of you.

  9. Haha Bon. At first I was thinking, what, Bon agrees with Josh that he was asleep? And then realized, oh, no, she agrees that sweatiness is disgusting. Yes, he’s back, he came back Sunday night.

  10. I’m not so clear that the dizziness and night sweats are so good.

    I was hot when I was pregnant, but a sudden rush of heat is a hotflash, signalling a major drop in estrogen, and the description of the head stuff makes me wonder about pre-e.

    Can you call your Doc just in case? Just to shut me up. I’m probably wrong but—what if I’m not?

  11. Thanks, Aurelia. No worries – dizziness is my physical response to a contraction – the oxytocin release. I’ve discussed it with the doctor, and one of her partners has witnessed it in the office.

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