Utterly Exhausted

I am still here and still pregnant. I have lots I want to write about but I’ve had 3 days of relatives and I still have to have breakfast out with my parents, sister, and her kids.

Our small apartment is overflowing with baby stuff. It is making me exceedingly anxious.

My nephew is very curious about when this baby will arrive and what we will name him. My niece wants him to be named Gabriel and my nephew votes for Isaiah- actual reasonable names and I’m touched since they wanted their sister born last year to be called “Toilet.” My nephew kept telling me that when it’s time for the baby to be born, I needed to call the doctor fast and have him cut the baby out. Nice.

More later, but for the moment all that matters is that nothing has happened yet.

4 responses to “Utterly Exhausted

  1. Erin, Birdies Mama

    I think that it’s completely fine to tell him where babies come from. It seems that maybe it becomes slightly uncomfortable because our society is just so uncomfortable with these things…..and does not need to be. The same way that generally as a whole, our society is uncomfortable with a mother nursing her child in a public place. Its weird. Ok, maybe its not totally the same, but I find a connection there somewhere.

    Your still there huh, wow girl I have to say I am surprised!

    Rest easy now, and let everyone take care of you. It sounds like there are plenty of people there to do just that.

  2. If your nephew’s asking questions, it seems to me that he should be given non-confusing answers, but, in my experience anyway, people have very different comfort levels about what they want to tell their kids and how they want to communicate the information.

    It’s funny — from your tone I absolutely can’t tell if you’re glad that nothing has happened yet or not.

  3. Can’t be long now. Thinking of you lots!

  4. I am on pins and needles!! Will it be possible for you to blog a blow by blow account when you do go into labor? Could you be sure to send out the happy news immediately upon arrival?? 🙂 That’s just my slightly selfish request.

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