Spicy food

Okay I just had a huge plateful of spicy Indian food. If I end up with horrible heartburn instead of labor tonight, I’m blaming you all. Yup all of you. I’m kidding. It’s what we had on hand so it’s what I would have eaten anyway. In a few minutes I’ll follow it up with the last piece of pumpkin pie.

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21 responses to “Spicy food

  1. Here’s hoping it works!!

  2. YES! Work Spicey WORK!

    You can blame me if you get heartburn, that would be fine. =)

  3. Mmmmmm, pumpkin pie.

  4. Yep. That should do it. I am a big believer that labor will commence once you have eaten the meal that will be most embarrassing/startling/odd to have to tell the nurse when you are admitted.

    I don’t know how you can stand it! I keep checking in constantly to see if there is any new news. I can’t imagine the anticipation you and Josh must feel (well, I guess I can sort of imagine- from my own experience).

  5. mmmm….spicy Indian food.

  6. No deal. Didn’t even get heartburn. The baby has definitely dropped though – he’s not up in my lungs anymore.

    I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Going to ask a question that still strikes me as absurd, but less so than at any earlier point: what do we do if I’m still pregnant at 40 weeks?

  7. nice!

  8. pregnancy really is an absurd ride…i’m glad you were spared heartburn, at least, if ye old spices didn’t work to bring on baby. 🙂

    hope all comes quickly and goes smoothly…and i’ll be very interested to hear what your doc says about 40 weeks.

  9. You could always try some s*x to get labor started….this sometimes works. I never got much result from the spicy food, myself…

  10. Say, how long ago was this post? Still here?

  11. I am still here. As for the sex, well, I didn’t actually ask if we’re allowed to do that now. Will do so tomorrow. Should be funny. What with me outweighing my husband by like 40 pounds.

  12. Excuse me but….uhm yes you should be sexin it up girl! That and taking long walks (attended by your hubby of course–around the block though, so your not too far from your home and car)…and then try some eggplant parm! Do you have a local italian place that makes a really good eggplant parm?

    We were encouraged to make love lots when I got as far along as where you are now….and take hikes and long walks. =)

  13. Of course I meant all of that in a silly manner with a big smile on my face!

  14. Yeah, of course you’re right in general, Erin, but we’ve been on mandatory “pelvic rest” since 12 weeks and I need to make sure we’ve been released from that. I wasn’t thinking about it last appointment, what with all the pain and the scissors in my vagina.

  15. sex absolutely works.
    I’m so happy that you’re absurdly passed the point of no return and having a normal reaction to being so close to delivery, annoyance. From everyone asking, from you wondering, from the Dr saying any minute now and being full of it. you’re ready … and commence labor.
    (did it work?)

  16. omigosh any day now!! i’m so excited for you and of course very honored to “know” you since the beginning of this journey. many x’s and o’s!!

  17. Um, not to throw a wrench in your evening (ahem) but the NYT science section did one of those little Q/A columns on the very topic: does sex hasten labor? Someone actually took what to me at the time seemed a reasonable number of women at 37 weeks and told half of them to have sex, the others not to, and there was not a statistitcal difference in when they went into labor. Sorry. But it would make for a nice evening, so don’t let me get in the way. /killjoy

  18. Okay, this is probably not backed up scientifically, (eg the Times article referenced above) BUT, I was so huge, exhausted and desperate for labor to start at the end of my pregnancy (I’d also had contractions for ten days that would stop after a few hours). My ob told us to try sex, so we did (although truth to be told, I wasn’t feelin’ real zexy) and the next morning my water broke. Maybe just coincidence – maybe not. Anyhow, can’t hurt to try!

    Beruriah, I know several people who have gone past 40 weeks, and usually they wait until between 41-42, before they “do” anything (induce, etc). But every doctor handles this differently – I’m sure that yours will have suggestions. Likely she’ll say that although it feels like eternity right now, he’ll come when he’s supposed to.

    Checking in on you every day, best, Amy P.S. – Hi Josh!

  19. I’m in favor of trying to see if sex gets labor started (after typing that I see how very odd it is for me to write such a thing). Since either your cervix and/or your uterus were/are more sensitive than most, having sex could get contractions started and/or get your cervix to continue shortening/thinning. It’s worth a try…

    I am just so excited to see how close you are now!

  20. I’m sorry sweetie, I forgot about your mandatory pelvic rest…sorry about what I said. Sorry if it was not ok to say what I said.

  21. Birdie’s Mama – don’t worry about it! Of course it was okay. It’s a great suggestion I’ll hopefully take advantage of soon regardless of whether it works or not.

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