Gratuitous Cuteness

Apparently the cat thinks we need to turn up the heat. Or he’s trying to up his reputation for cuteness in anticipation of some serious competition arriving home soon.tom-under-quilt-small.jpg


10 responses to “Gratuitous Cuteness

  1. OH MAH GAH!


    you should submit that to cute overload!

  2. Thanks Erin, but Tom is still recovering after losing on kitten war.

  3. That site is too much! The kitten mewing to come in melted my heart.

    There’s a whole page dedicated to cats in sinks. We have some old ones of that kind. Too too cute.

  4. Oh poor Tom, his life is about to change. I still feel terribly guilty for dropping all the attention that I used to give to all my kitties, once Ace was born.

  5. You should definitely submit that *somewhere* Maybe add a caption and send it to icanhazcheeseburger (or whatever that lol cats site is called)

  6. I don’t understand the grammar enough to write a caption on that site, though. Very strange.

  7. *ready to rumba* shake it baby!!

    he is adorable. ADORABLE!! hey, i also have that ikea duvet cover below mr. tom (‘cept mine is faded).

  8. Wow Wannabe Mom – and you also have a Tom’s sister (Midnight) at home. Our cover is faded too, as well as full of holes.

  9. impossible that the lovely Carmen Miranda, erm, Tom, could have lost on kitten war!

    the world is clearly unfair, just in case any of us were in need of convincing.

  10. V. funny picture! I hadn’t checked in here for a couple of days and came convinced that you would have had the baby by now. I hope the waiting doesn’t last much longer.

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