Life and Death

Tomorrow is Baby Man’s brit mila. Tomorrow at dusk marks the start of Natan’s yahrzeit.

I wish I could discern a meaning from that.


14 responses to “Life and Death

  1. Thinking of you tomorrow B, and of Samuel and Natan.

  2. If there’s a meaning, I think you’ve summed it up in the title of your post.

  3. I don’t really know either. It is a pretty stark symbolic representation of the bitter and the sweet, of life with one here and one gone.

    Thinking of you and your sons.

  4. it is so stark as to be richly satisfying, this far from the outside, bitter and sweet, death and life.

    i hope from the inside it is a day of celebration of two lives.

  5. Sounds like an affirmation of the fact that birth and death are both part of life, no matter how much death sucks. And I second Bon on the hope that it is a celebration of two lives — actually, four: two parents and two sons.

  6. I’d say something trite about the circle of life, but I’m sure you’ve been there and back. I’m so sorry you can’t enjoy the joy of the one wihtout the intrusion of the other. I’ll be thinking of ALL of you, though.

  7. May it be a day that is richly blessed with both memories and celebration. Two beloved sons sharing the same parent’s hearts.

    We had two white roses on the altar for Pumpkin’s baptism, and the minister included them in her beautiful prayer. I just wanted them to be there, even if only in the smallest of ways. Life and death… yes.

  8. I hope this is a day of celebration and peace. I’ll be thinking of you all.

  9. Bittersweet. I think someone above said it all. I am wishing you much peace on this day.

  10. Thinking of all of you today.

  11. I too am thinking very much of you ALL today.
    What a beautiful family.

  12. You are all much in my thoughts this day.

    My little lost ones are always with me. Sometimes near, sometimes far — but always here, beside their sister and brothers.

  13. I’m here thinking of you as well and sending warm thoughts.

  14. I don’t know…but i am thinking of you.

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