What else did I miss?

While I spent months ensconced on the couch, staring alternatively at the ceiling, chat screens, or crochet projects, we as a nation apparently acquired a new White House – the “Western White House.” Actually I guess it has been around longer – the website is dated from 2001, but back then I was busy paying attention to other things for more fun reasons. I only noticed it today, while at the gym watching CNN. I was trying to pay attention to Bush’s press secretary who was not Dana Perino (what happened to her? or is she just on vacation?) blather on about the death of Benazir Bhutto – a tragic event for sure. But I kept being distracted by the sign behind his head. The logo read, “The Western White House, Crawford, Texas.”

I was full of righteous indignation at first, certain it was an imperialist plot by Texas to finally and completely colonize us. At the very least I wondered if Bush and his people thought we might find it charming. I began crafting a letter in my head, but was certain it would be ignored, as was a letter I wrote to whitehouse.gov 3+ years ago chastising the site’s blatant partisanship. But if I did that, at least I would maintain the right to complain.

Then I got home and learned from Wikipedia that it’s not unprecedented. Other presidents have designated residences outside of the White House as temporary offices, and received federal monies to make them secure and functional.

So much for this afternoon’s fun.

You may have noticed the word “gym” above. No worries. I am not aiming to be Demi Moore or Angelina Jolie or whatever other Hollywood star is known for getting her pre-baby body back in six weeks. I just want to be able to get out of bed in the morning without pain in my back and hips. I might possibly also aspire to fit back into non-maternity pants in 2008, but my slow 3-mile-per-hour pace on the treadmill for 15-30 minutes every few days isn’t going to do much for that just yet. Baby Samuel and I are also scheduled for some light Mommy and Baby early post-partum Pilates on the living room floor after I feed him in a minute.

oops make that right now. The prince is awake.


9 responses to “What else did I miss?

  1. He,He, I was all prepared to give you a hard time about being at the gym already. (to cover my jealousy, of course :)) when you tackeled the topic yourself. I hear you, I can’t wait to feel somewhat normal physically again. I have much more admiration for you bedresters now, because 2 days in bed after the section, i swear my hips and tailbone got crushed.

    As for Bush, is that guy ever at the white house?

  2. Not sure what impressed me most here:

    -That you were at the gym, ALREADY!
    -That you know about Bush press secretaries post Ari Fleischer; I mean, I gave up listening to these mouthpieces a LONG time ago (mostly out of denial. I mean, if I can’t hear them . . . )
    -That you were paying attention to CNN and not ESPN, despite the circumenstances, because if the prez came on I’d totally switch gears and see if someone was stting up a good slam dunk on the other channel
    -That you googled other presidential residences and their nomenclature. Clearly, after my heart. And perhaps in this case it would be wise to put quotations around “white house”?

  3. Sigh….you can go back to the gym when you start getting more regular sleep.

    I appreciate the ambition, but Samuel isn’t even doing a nice 5 hour stretch at night yet, at least from what you’ve told me. You won’t get a solid 8 hours for months, but some interrupted 8-10 hour sleeps would be better for your back and hips than all the exercise on earth.

    Give yourself the six weeks to settle in and get him on a bit of a better routine before you do this. Sleep and nutrition first, then exercise, please.

  4. Hey – no tattling on my sweet little boy. He’s doing his best at getting adjusted to the world after being born at midnight. Really, what I’m doing could hardly be called exercise. I’m following all medical advice – and right now I need to move. It’s too cold to do it outside, so the gym it is. Perhaps the other shoe will drop soon, but for the moment I actually feel wonderful. I’m getting good sleep, just in chunks rather than continuous, and that’s actually fine for how my body/brain works. As long as I sleep 6 out of every 24 hours, I’m good.

  5. Tash – I can’t believe you missed Tony Snow! That was the fun stage. And the day I choose ESPN over anything – even the shopping channel – unless it’s to watch a spelling bee or a few minutes of soccer – will be an a day for the recordbooks. Sorry….

  6. I love Tony Snow. He’s so funny. But I really like Dana Perino too. She’s great in her overwhelmed, stressed-out sort of way. Ari Fleischer was so boring in comparison.

  7. Ok, so I stretched that one a bit, I did know about Snow, and even Dana and the whole “Bay of Pigs Wah?” thang, but I just hate hate hate even paying the scantist of attention because that must mean I care just a wee bit, and if I care the slightest about this entire executive fiasco, well, you see? I can’t even find humor in it anymore. I just put on blinders and will it away.

  8. Oh don’t even get me started on politics!
    If you want to get filled in AirAmerica.com is a good place to listen to some liberal radio online, or maybe on the radio in your area.

    Some great reads:

    The Nation – http://www.thenation.com
    The Huffington Post – http://www.huffingtonpost.com
    Daily Kos – http://www.dailykos.com

    those are just a few places to find info other than our national news media….even they are infected a little with the Bush White House (pay in to give on this info or that).

    Oh, and WOW you are at the gym already! That is so great! I need to get my lazy bum back there, you have inspired me!

  9. Damn, I was just going to talk about oh, Dana, and her lack of knowledge of the Cuban missile crisis, but Tash beat me to it. So I guess I am just going to be all impressed with the gym and the yoga.

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